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  1. Going out to eat and the only vegan options on the menu are side salads and french fries
  2. The constant “okay but where do you get your protein” questions
  3. That awkward moment when someone insists on explaining the food chain to you and how humans need meat to survive 
  4. The thrill of going to an all-vegan restaurant where you can order anything you want on the menu
  5. The struggle of not wanting to debate and explain your diet and lifestyle to every person you meet
  6. No matter what you say some people will always believe you just eat grass
7.  When you meet another vegan and automatically feel like friends
8. The insane health benefits – it may not be the reason we went vegan, but hey, we’re not mad!
9. When a new vegan bakery opens (or a nearby sweets’ shop starts serving vegan goods)
10. The feeling you get when you remember how many animal lives you’ve saved that makes it all worth it
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Which one do you relate with most?

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