China Takes Factory Farming to A Horrendous New Level, Literally - Wholesome Culture - Blog
By: Jessica Christensen

As China’s population rapidly grows past 1.4 billion, so does their taste for chicken, beef, seafood, and especially pork.

Small farms are becoming inadequate for the demand. Many having to shut down after the 2017 crackdown on farm pollution due to lack of funds to make the necessary changes.

Their solution is something out of a nightmare — multi-storey “hog hotels”.

Privately owned agricultural company, Guangxi Yangxiang Co Ltd., currently has two seven-floor breeding operations already in use located in Yaji Mountain in Southern China and there are plans for four more. An additional 13 storey complex being built will take the title of the tallest building of its kind in the world.

It will be tight quarters for the approximately one thousand pigs on each level, moved via elevators. Health risks are high with so many animals under the same roof. A disease outbreak would result in large-scale culling, and the ventilation system necessary to prevent such devastation is costly.

(Source: Bill Northey)

Yaji Mountain will also endure a massive waste treatment plant. Liquid feces will be sprayed in the nearby forests, and the rest sold as organic fertilizer to the local farms.

Similar two- and three-level breeding operations have been trialed in Europe. While some are still in operation, others have been abandoned with no plans on constructing more. Even Xue Jiajing, manager of these mountainside atrocities, has said that he would not encourage their use.

Factory farming on a truly diabolical scale.

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