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Google “is honey vegan?” and you’ll get 263 million hits. Not surprisingly, we get this question a lot. And the answer is no, honey is not vegan. Read on for why not.

Beekeeping is not cruelty-free

Honey is a source of energy for bees. It provides essential nutrients to the whole hive so it can survive through winter and poor weather.

In order to make bigger profits, conventional beekeepers replace honey from the hive with a sugar substitute that lacks proper nutrients.

Moreover, honey bees are bred to increase productivity. This selective breeding weakens the gene pool and brings about diseases that spread to thousands of other pollinators on which our food supply relies on.

Exploiting bees for honey is not only harmful but also unnecessary.

But don’t worry, honey-lovers! Ever heard of bee-free honey? This vegan-alternative tastes better than the real thing, we promise!

Wear your love for bees on your sleeve

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