3 vegan burgers that will make anyone quit beef
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Vegans love a good juicy burger as much as anyone. As long as it only bleeds from plants, that is (yes, that’s a thing!)

Fortunately, there are a ton of amazing vegan burgers out there – so many that it can be tough to choose. Lucky for you, we tested a bunch of them and narrowed the list down to the best of the best in three categories:

  1. Store bought
  2. Restaurant
  3. Homemade

Check them out below!

The best vegan burger in stores

The Beyond Burger

Found in the meat section of most grocery stores around the USA, this patty is as meaty in texture and taste as you want your burger to be, but without the cruelty.

Canadian? Although not found in stores, you can still enjoy this burger at every A&W across the country. (Just skip the mayo and cheese).

The best restaurant to grab a (burger) bite at

Veggie Grill

With 29 locations in the State of California and new franchises set to open on the East Coast, Veggie Grill is our favorite place to grab a burger.

Try out their Steak House Burger decked out with provolone ‘cheese’ and veggie bacon for a truly decadent experience.

The best and easiest vegan burger to make at home

Smoky BBQ Black Bean Burger

Packed with wholesome ingredients such as quinoa, black beans, pecans, and mushrooms, this vegan burger is easy to make, nutritious, and holds its own on the grill.

Want some tips on how to dress up your burger? Check out our feature on How to pick the perfect veggie burger for some suggestions.

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