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Last week, the popular Sweden-based vegan brand Oatly launched three new vegan latte flavors in grocery stores across Europe. They are perfect for vegans on the go who need a quick, tasty caffeine boost.

These conveniently canned lattes are available in a classic cold brew latte, mocha latte, and matcha latte

What inspired this new product line? Oat milk has been getting a ton of positive buzz amongst baristas and passionate coffee drinkers alike. The natural sweetness from the oats means there is no need for extra sugar—although a touch of agave does add a nice touch. By expanding into the coffee business, Oatly hopes to normalize the idea that a latte does not need dairy milk.

(Source: sprudge.com)

Oatly was founded 25 years ago with the goal of “delivering products with maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental impact.” Oatly stated on Instagram that while the new lattes are not available in the United States yet, they do plan to bring more products overseas in the coming months, starting with vegan yogurt and cream cheese. Their oat milk is now available in 1,000 locations across the US, and they hope to eventually bring it to major coffee chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Coffee enthusiasts are excited about Oatly’s positive environmental impact compared to dairy milk. “I would prefer that oat milk become as commonplace as nonfat or whole milk, where people think of it as a third option,” said Josey Markiewicz, who manages training and quality assurance at La Colombe Cafe in New York City. “Because that’s what sustainability is about: eventually making it a part of the fabric of our lives.”

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