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Charities big and small are doing incredible things to help animals every day – from protecting species facing extinction to giving abandoned pets loving forever homes.

Want to help them make this world a better place for animals?

Then check out this list of the best animal charities that would appreciate your support!

Sale Ranch Sanctuary

There’s an inspiring personal story behind Sale Ranch Sanctuary. Located in California, the ranch was started by Jen and her husband, Dave, when the pair decided to leave city life behind to fulfill Jen’s childhood dream of providing refuge for animals in need. The ranch is now home to horses, donkeys, chickens, pigs, goats, and dogs. Wholesome Culture is proud to support this worthy charity! You can too, by donating, volunteering, or purchasing one of our tees!

Rancho Relaxo 

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Mother’s Day reminds me of one rescue in particular – Sandra and Peanut. @hispees and I pulled up to the farm hesitantly. A farmer had called me about a week previously to our arrival. He mentioned having a very young mother with twins and she was not producing enough milk. It took a while for the farmer to give me the address and a time to meet up to get the babies. We all walked into the field and saw a mother sheep with one baby standing up and the other flat out on the ground. As we got closer, the farmer began cursing under his breath. He picked up the baby who was on the ground by the leg and threw him over the fence, “Damn vultures!” The baby had been picked apart by the birds while Sandra stood above him, trying her best to protect him. He most likely died from not getting enough milk from his mom. The farmer then began herding Sandra and Peanut into a corner. He finally managed to grab Peanut and he immediately handed her to me. That was when Sandra began screaming bloody murder. I pictured what her thought process could have been in that moment. “MY BABY! PLEASE NO! WHERE ARE YOU TAKING HER?” I tried keeping it together but I was shattered. I then turned to the farmer and begged for him to surrender Sandra. He was very firm in not letting her go. He wanted to see how she “produced” the following year. He attributed her poor milk production to her very young age. It took close to an hour but we did end up freeing Sandra from those invisible shackles. Sandra is a mother who could not produce for her babies – yet loved them more than anything. She did everything she could and expressed her emotions the minute her only living baby was ripped from her. I am sure many women can relate to this – being unable to breast feed, etc. It does not lessen your love or bond! Sandra and Peanut are inseparable to this day. This is why I urge everyone to consider veganism. Cut out the cruelty in your diet. Stop paying for people to rip the Peanuts away from the Sandras and murdering them for selfish reasons. Sandra is a mother. She is a great mother. And to Sandra, I passionately state – Happy Mother’s Day. (Photo by @sfisherx)

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Rancho Relaxo is a wonderful non-profit organization aiming to be the voice for neglected animals. The founder of Rancho Relaxo, Caitlin Cimini, has made it her personal mission to find and rescue animals in need, and provide them with a home in their sanctuary. Help Rancho Relaxo by donating, volunteering, or buying one of our Wholesome Culture tees – 10% of our profits go toward supporting Rancho Relaxo and other charities!

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

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Hi Colin🌱 Did you know we till under hundreds of tons of compost every year to restore the nutrients our animals use while grazing? We also only source eco-friendly and organic products for our merchandise in the @woodstockmootique ! The rescued residents that fall ill and reside in the Med Barn use donated blankets and towels to stay warm. Our onsite inn @thegraybarn is having a pollinator garden put in to support our local bees and other pollinators who have been threatened by pesticides and habitat loss🐝 We advocate for animal rights and are vegan for the animals, the people, and the planet. Here at Woodstock Sanctuary, Earth Day is every day, and every day we will keep working to resist the environmental impacts of animal agriculture, advancing the rights of animals everywhere. Happy Earth Day, everyone🌎 #whywoodstock #happyearthday

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Located in High Falls, NY, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary was founded in 2004 by Jenny Brown and Doug Abel. Their mission is to rescue farmed animals, connect animals and people to advance veganism, and advocate for animal rights. They’re another one of the animal rescue organizations we’re proud to support

Best Friends Animal Society

Did you know that each year approximately 1.5 million homeless pets are killed in shelters in the US? Best Friends’ mission is to end these killings – and to help create a brighter future for homeless pets. Help them by sponsoring a pet in need, donating money, or buying lovely merchandise from their online store.

African Wildlife Foundation

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What do you think this lion cub is telling its mum?

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AWF is one of the most well-known charities helping wildlife and wild spaces thrive in Africa. They work to stop the killing of wildlife and disrupt the demand for wild animal products (such as elephant ivory and rhino horn). Support African Wildlife Foundation with a donation, by fundraising, or becoming a member.

Wildlife Conservation Society

Rated one of the best animal charities, Wildlife Conservation Society works to protect wildlife and preserve wild spaces. Through science, they aim to understand the natural world – and use this knowledge to protect species and biodiversity. Want to help WCS? Join one of their giving programs, or support them with a donation.

Performing Animal Welfare Society

The Performing Animal Welfare Society works to protect wild animals in captivity and run peaceful sanctuaries where wild animals that have been abused, abandoned, or retired find a loving home. They also educate the public about various issues relating to captive wildlife – and work to get these animals legally protected. You can support PAWS in many ways, from donating to volunteering!

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