4 reasons this summer was amazing for animals and the planet
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To say that lots of exciting things happened in the vegan scene over the summer would be an understatement.

The summer of 2018 was beyond exciting – and we’ve handpicked a few of our favorite highlights worthy of your attention!

1. Vegan barbecue was a “top summer trend”

The best story that hit the headlines before summer even began? One in three Americans were planning to ditch meat in the upcoming barbecue season!

A report released by market research firm Mintel brought us fantastic news of a strong consumer shift towards plant-based foods.

With flavor-bursting vegan burger varieties – can you blame them?!

2. The movement to end plastic pollution grew

  • Chile passed a nationwide ban on plastic bags. In June, Chile made headlines for becoming the first country in the Americas to ban the use of plastic bags. Go Chile!

3. Vegan burgers got better and better

  • Beyond Meat burger. The world went crazy for the Beyond Meat burger – and for all the right reasons! The tasty vegan burger appeared on the menus of some of the biggest restaurant names in the US (including TGI Fridays and Bareburger).

  • A vegan Shake Shack burger. The global burger restaurant chain finally got in on the plant-based burger game with a yummy vegan patty!

4. We launched our summer collection of cute and cruelty-free vegan tees!

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