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(Photo: Laurencariscooks)

Upton’s Naturals recently debuted a new line of meal kits for a cooked lunch or dinner in just 60 seconds! It can be for those days when you just do not feel like spending hours in the kitchen.

The kits are Thai-inspired and made with whole-food ingredients and are free of trans fat, cholesterol, GMOs, and preservatives. There are four options: Massaman Curry, Pad See Ew, Thai Spaghetti, and Thai Curry Noodle.

(Photo: Upton’s Naturals)

Upton’s Naturals founder Dan Stacckmann said, “We were spending a lot of time in Thailand, working on our seasoned jackfruit, and came to love a wide variety of the local dishes. We wanted to share the flavors of Thailand with our customers in a way that would be convenient and easy to prepare, yet made with real food – not packed with preservatives or artificial ingredients.” To see if they’re available at a location near you, check out Upton’s Naturals’ website.


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