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With more time at home, we’ve been feeling extra crafty. And something about using our hands to create something new makes all the creative, yummy juices flow from our heads to our hands. From book boxes to bird feeders, here are 18 DIY home projects that are lighting up our creative sides while we spend more time inside. 

18 DIY home projects that’ll light up your creative side

1. DIY Hair Clips

Got extra hair clips lying around? Turn them into adorable clips like these from A Beautiful Mess. Make it extra planet-friendly by decorating the clips with materials you have around the house like extra buttons, yarn, or even nail polish.

2. DIY Book Box

As much as it hurts to cut a book, we love a DIY book box. It’s a great hiding spot for a passport, spare keys, or extra cash for a rainy day.

3. DIY Herb Garden

Does it get any cuter than this DIY Herb Garden Planter from Alice and Lois? (And check out our guide to learn how to set up your home herb garden.)

4. DIY Rainbow Pillow 

We’re BEYOND obsessed with this rainbow pillow from A Beautiful Mess. And it’s a great excuse to add a change of scenery to your space without having to buy something new. 

5. DIY Plant Pots

Dress up your pots with this un-fussy tutorial from Ester. While you’re in the plant parent mode, take our quiz to find out which indoor plant you need in your life!

6. DIY Book Purse

DIY book purse


Bookworms, this project from A Beautiful Mess will give you just another excuse to always have a book in your hands. And it’s a whole lot cheaper than most purses!

7. DIY Time Capsule

Transform used cardboard into an adorable time capsule like @_ALovelyLittleLife (check out her saved stories for tips on how she made the book).

You can write letters to your future self and include some photos, trinkets —anything that speaks to you (and you can live without!).

8. DIY Wine Cork Planter Magnets

Got extra wine corks hanging around? This project by Bob Vila is perfect for you.

9. DIY Scrunchies

Instead of tossing extra fabric scraps, put them to amazing use with this DIY scrunchies tutorial from Treasurie.

10. DIY Book Planter

Let your books bloom! Check out the tutorial.

11. DIY Bird Feeder

Upcycle an old plastic water bottle with this DIY bird feeder tutorial from Natural History Museum.

12. DIY Colander Planter

Turn your colander into an adorable hanging planter. The little holes are perfect for proper drainage!

13. DIY Bar Table

DIY faux bar table

Here’s a super stylish way to turn un-used luggage into a super practical (and cute!) bar table. Learn how to make it happen on The Desi Wonder Woman’s site.

14. DIY Gold Leaf Pillow 

DIY Gold Leaf Pillow

Make your pillows pop with these DIY West Elm Inspired Gold Leaf Pillow Covers from The Gathered Home.

15. DIY Recycled Denim Basket 

DIY denim basket

If you’ve been staring at jeans in your drawers that haven’t been worn in years — turn them into this awesome Recycled Denim Basket from Oh Oh Deco.

16. DIY Hanging Hoop Planter

Hello, plant parents — this hanging hoop planter from Vintage Revivals is everything you need in your life! And if you want more reasons to embrace plants, check out this post: 8 cool reasons you should seriously have indoor plants

17. DIY Fluffy Pom Pom Bins

DIY eco-friendly bin

Skip out on purchasing a bin or laundry basket and make your own! We love this Fluffy Pom Pom Bin from Sugar and Cloth.

18. DIY Crochet Trivet

Crochet trivets just scream cozy. Make your own with the help from Mama In A Stitch.

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