18 DIY upcycling projects that'll make the most of your waste (and weekend)
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We’re on a constant journey of trying to waste less. And while we’re believers that the best way to minimize waste is to consume less to begin with — sometimes all it takes is a little creativity to turn trash into newfound treasure. Plus, there’s nothing quite like a DIY upcycling project to turn a free Saturday afternoon into a forever memory! From lightbulb vases to mason jar terrariums, here are 18 DIY upcycling projects that’ll make the most of your waste + weekend. 

18 DIY upcycling projects that’ll make the most of your waste & weekend

1. Mason jar → Terrarium

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2. Wine corks → Vases

3. Tissue box → Desk organizer

PC: domesticallyblissful.com

4. Glass salsa jars → Candle holders

5. Water bottle → Bird feeder

6. Egg (or vegan egg) cartons → Seedling garden

7. Pallet → Vertical garden

8. Old jeans→ Heart bookmarks

9. Tin cans → Lanterns

DIY Upcycling Lanterns
PC: diyncrafts.com

10. Toilet paper roll → Bird feeder

11. Old crate → Breakfast tray

12. Alcohol bottle → Soap dispenser

DIY Upcycling Bottles
PC: thediyplaybook.com

13. Paint cans →  Plant Pots

14. Yogurt cups → Bangles 

DIY Upcycled bracelets
PC: randomcath.com

15. Wine bottles → Wind chimes 


16. Coffee grounds → Coffee candle

Upcycling DIY Candles
PC: PopSugar.com

17. Light bulbs → Tiny vases 

18. Old basket → Circle shelf

DIY Upcycling Circle Shelf
PC: TheMerryThought.com

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