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We’re believers that almost everything is better when it’s homemade. Since so many store-bought self-care products come with hefty price tags, mystery ingredients, and single-use waste, we love to make to our own versions from home. Not only is it more eco-friendly, but the process of making these DIY products is part of the unwinding, self-care experience itself. Something about making your own lip balm and body lotion feels fancy and fun — we want you to feel all the fanciness, too!

From vegan hair masks to homemade foot scrubs, we’ve got all the DIY self-care ideas you need to pamper your body from head to toe. 

30 DIY self-care ideas that’ll make your home feel like a spa

DIY Lip Balm

1. Homemade Lip Balm – Zero Waste: Skip the store-bought lip balm and the plastic tubes that come with them. This homemade lip balm from Plant Based News is easy to make and super smooth. 

2. Vanilla Spice Vegan Lip Balm: No beeswax, no problem! We love this lip balm recipe from Humble Bee and Me made with coconut oil and cocoa butter. 

DIY Body Lotion

3. Homemade Whipped Body Butter: We’re so obsessed with this whipped body butter from Natural Tasty Chef because the results are awesome and it takes only 5 minutes to whip up. 

4. Hydrating Body Lotion: Shea butter, coconut oil, and Jojoba oil make this Hydrating Body Lotion from The Hungry Herbivore a must-make. P.S. Jojoba Oil is an acne-fighter, dark spot improver, and amazing moisturizer (along with so many other health benefits). Curious? We’ve got you covered with Jojoba Oil from our Wholesome Culture Personal Care Collection

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba Oil from Wholesome Culture

5. 3-Ingredient Body Lotion: All you need is coconut oil, essential oils, and shea butter to make this homemade, super nourishing body lotion from Sprint 2 The Table. 

DIY Face Masks

6. Avocado and Banana Face Mask: Looking for some intense hydration? This mask from Style Craze is for you. 

7. Cucumber Face Mask: If you want more of a cool down for your skin, try this refreshing mask (made with only 3 ingredients) from Style Craze. 

8. Moisturizing Face Mask with Oats and Banana: When we make this recipe from Vegan Cuts, we’re sometimes tempted to eat it. But resist! It’s super moisturizing for the skin and smells yummy (which is a definite plus). 

DIY Hair Masks

9. Overnight Hair Mask for Dandruff & Dryness: Nourish your hair and fight dandruff with this overnight hair mask from Slashed Beauty. 

10. Banana Olive Oil Hair Mask: Bananas and olive oil go a long way with this mask recipe from Bellatory. Your hair will feel shinier and more nourished in just 10-15 minutes. 

Little DIY

11. Olive Oil and Coconut Miracle Hair Mask: Little DIY’s recipe for this hair mask is simple but it does require you keep it in your strands for two hours (perfect excuse for a Netflix binge!). 

DIY Hair Sprays

12. Sea Salt Spray for Beachy Hair: Get all the beachy waves with this sea salt spray posted on Huff Post.

13. 2-Ingredient Hair Spray: This easy recipe from Byrdie is like a regular “keep strands in place” hair spray, but much cheaper and eco-friendly, as you can use the same bottle over and over. 

14. Anti-Frizz Hair Spray: Say bye-bye to frizz with this hair spray recipe from Hello Glow. 

DIY Bath salts and bombs

15. Muscle Relief Bath Bomb: Make your bath extra luxurious with this bath bomb from Paleo Hacks.

16. Homemade Bath Salt: This salt creation from Everything Etsy is the perfect way to self pamper. And you only need three ingredients to make it happen (we skipped the food coloring). 

17. Sinus Congestion Bath Soak: Feeling a little sinus-y? Try this bath soak from Love and Marriage Blog that’s made with Epsom salts, essential oils, and baking soda. 

18. Lavender Magnesium Salt: Lavender + Epsom salts = bath bliss. We love this creation from Simply Stacie so much, especially when we’re feeling antsy after a long day (which is happening a lot more recently).

DIY Body Scrubs

19. Chocolate Sugar Scrub: The only thing we love more than a good body scrub is one that’s edible (and tastes like dessert). Which is why this scrub from Simply Stacie is hard to beat. 

20. Cookie Dough Sugar Scrub: Hello Homebody’s creation is made with brown sugar, coconut oil, vanilla, and shredded coconut = YUM. And it softens the skin while making it smell like the inside of a bakery. 

21. Orange Creamsicle Sugar Scrub: Give your skin a boost of nourishment with this scrub from The Gunny Sack.

DIY Skin/Eye Creams

22. Turmeric Skin Gel: We love taking advantage of all the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric, which is why we love this creation from Little DIY. 

23. Caffeine Eye Serum: Give your eyes a little boost with this eye serum from Real Food RN — it’s made with organic coffee + almond oil. 

24. Coconut Oil Night Cream: Coconut oil is super hydrating, so it makes sense this cream form Ex Sloth is such a game changer. P.S. little goes a long way with this one! We like to add our RoseHip Oil from The Wholesome Culture Personal Care Collection for a little extra moisturizing. Learn more about the benefits of Rosehip Oil.

Rosehip Oil
Pure, Organic Rosehip Oil from Wholesome Culture

DIY Teeth whitening

25. Teeth Whitening Toothpaste: Whiten your teeth without the steep price tag or weird ingredients found in so many toothpastes with this natural recipe from One Crazy Mom.

DIY Foot Care

25. Exfoliating peppermint food scrub: Give your feet some serious TLC with this exfoliating scrub from Our Oily House. Truly, it’s a little slice of heaven for your toes!

26. 3-Ingredient Foaming Foot Scrub for Runners: This creation from Eating Bird Food is similar to the one above, but it’s made with almond oil instead. So depending upon what you’ve got stocked already, both are great options.

DIY Sleep Sprays

28. Rose Water Sleep Spray: Turn your room into an oasis with this Rose Water Sleep Spray from Little DIY. And if you need a tutorial on how to make rose water — we’ve got you.

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Fall Asleep Fast with this DIY ROSE WATER NATURAL SLEEP SPRAY Rose water is an age old ayurvedic remedy that helps you sleep better due to its sedative nature. Rose water is beneficial in calming the mind and has de-stressing effects. The scent of rose water helps in relaxing you and prevents agitation and stress. This rose water sleeping spray is far better than any sleeping medications since it has no harmful effects nor does it make you addicted! The mood relaxing properties of rosewater make it a great remedy for sleeplessness. Things you need: 1 cup rose water 10-15 drops of rose essential oil Method: In a bowl, take Ready made 1 cup rose water or rose petals boiled and water strained. To it, add 3 drops of rose essential oil. Give it a good mix and pour this solution into a spray bottle. Shake it well before spritzing on your pillows, bed sheets and room for a peaceful sleep. Follow @littlediypage for more #rosewater #roses #sleep #spray #diy #natural #remedy #ayurveda #blog #hacks #tips #theindianspot

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29. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: Just the idea of this spray makes us feel fancy — and relaxed, of course. Try it for yourself with this simple recipe from How Beautiful Life Is.

30. Vanilla Lavender Linen Mist: Get all the lovely smells with none of the toxins with this spray from Life N Reflection. It smells so good it makes us want to curl up with a cup of hot tea and watch animal YouTube videos.

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