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Let’s face it: our routines are totally warped right now. Mondays feel like Sundays and weeks are slowly blurring into months. And between late-night Netflix binges and perpetual headline scrolling, we’ll be the first to admit that we’re staring at screens waaaaaay more than normal. So it makes sense our sleep schedules are completely out of whack, too!

We’ve found that the moment our heads hit the pillow, all the stressful what-ifs and maybes march through our minds. Without distractions of our phones and daytime responsibilities, the panicky, anxious thoughts are harder to quiet (and even harder to avoid). But luckily there are simple ways to tweak our schedules and shift our mindsets in the name of better sleep. Here are 8 tips to get more sleep during this stressful time. Happy dreaming!

8 tips to get more peaceful sleep in your life during this stressful time

1. Embrace a nightly “me time” ritual 

Journaling about things you’re grateful for, reading, or doing some light stretching before bed can be really helpful triggers to get your brain to slow down.

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And the more you go to bed and wake up around the same time every day (even on weekends), the easier it’ll be to get into a consistent routine. 

2. Be conscious about your eating and drinking choices

We all know it’s probably not the best idea to drink a third cup of coffee in the afternoon (as much as we wish it was!). But our caffeine intake isn’t the only thing to keep in check.

Peaceful sleep

Consuming too many refined sugars or too much alcohol can also make the body feel unbalanced, particularly at night. So consider swapping that extra glass of wine or late-night treat for a cup of tea, if you’re struggling to get those seven to nine hours of zzzs. 

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3. Focus on your breath

Whether you’re an avid meditation guru or not, we can all benefit from a little mindful breathing,  especially right now. Sometimes we use breath to almost “babysit” our brains. By focusing on inhales and exhales, it interrupts all the other thoughts whirling around our heads — in a good way. 

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4. Think lightness (not heaviness)

When those intense heavy feelings start to build in the chest, try focusing on moments that make you feel lighter. Maybe that means thinking of uplifting chalk drawings, the smiles of loved ones on Zoom calls, or something funny you watched on TV. Whatever brings you a sense of ease is exactly the right thing for you. 

5. Map out your naps 

Long naps are most definitely luxurious in the moment, but they can set us up for restless, sleepless nights. Harvard Health recommends taking short naps (less than an hour) and forgoing naps altogether after 3 pm. 

Peaceful sleepIf you’re feeling super sleepy later in the afternoon, try giving yourself a change of scenery (even if that means moving from the couch to the dining table). Sometimes just standing up provides a sudden burst of energy. 

6. Put phones out of reach

While putting phones in other rooms isn’t always realistic, it’s smart to at least put them out of reach. That way, if news alerts come buzzing through they won’t bother your zen-ness. And if the phone isn’t easily accessible, it’ll be harder to keep checking the time while trying to fall asleep (we’ve all been there!).

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7. Exercise regularly

Working out isn’t just great for mental and physical health, studies show it’s also connected to improved sleep. Just another reason to stream your fave yoga class! And while some say working out at night isn’t the best on sleep cycles, research is mixed on how much late-night exercise impacts sleep. 

For us, when we get the (rare) inspiration for a late-night run, we try to incorporate an extra long cool down to unwind. But as long as you’re in tune with your body, that’s what matters most. 

8. Embrace the sunlight in the mornings and darkness in the evenings

The first thing we do when we wake up is open windows and soak up the natural light. (We even love natural light alarm clocks for those rainy mornings when 7 am feels like 10 pm).Peaceful sleep

In the same sense, experts say it’s best to dim or turn off as many lights  as possible as it gets later in the day. Even the light from screens can trick our minds into thinking it’s earlier than it is, so consider dimming your smartphone screen to avoid any unconscious confusion! 

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