Real ways you can contribute to a more peaceful world
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Today marks the International Day of Peace – a day when nations all over the world commemorate peace.

So, why not take action to contribute to a more peaceful world?

Here are a few real ways you can make this planet a more peaceful place for yourself and others.

Show love for all animals

There’s hardly a better way to show compassion and kindness for all animals than choosing a lifestyle which doesn’t exploit them.

Becoming a vegan means that, instead of supporting companies that cause animals harm and pain, you believe that all beings deserve to live – and you fight against this exploitation.

Perform selfless random acts of kindness

Selfless acts of kindness make others feel loved and appreciated – and inspire more selfless gestures. Kindness spreads – so why not start infusing the world with positivity right now?

Spontaneously cheer up a stranger with a cup of coffee, give your neighbor a lift or tell your colleague how great you think they are at their job. You’ll make their day – and spread the feeling of peace, love, and kindness.

End your day with a gratitude list

To create more inner peace, how about grabbing a pen and noting down all the things you’re grateful for at the end of the day?

We’re often running from one task to the next during the day, rarely stopping to appreciate the things we’ve been blessed with. Today is the perfect day to remind yourself how lucky you are!



For more ideas on how to celebrate the International Day of Peace, check out this list of Peace Day activities.

And if you’d like to send the world a message of peace and kindness, this “Hate less love more” tee says it all!

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