Absolutely everything we're binge-watching this holiday weekend
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Get the popcorn, grab some holiday party leftovers, and let the binge-watching begin!

In the mood for a health documentary? Craving a silly sitcom? Our list is full of everything from animal and health documentaries to adventure and romantic flicks.

With so much content at our fingertips — we have the perfect excuse to stay cozy inside, skip the holiday crowds, and get entertained from your couch (dreamy!).

Here is everything we’re binge-watching this holiday weekend!

The Game Changers

If you watch one thing on this list, let it be this. “The Game Changers” follows elite special forces trainer, James Wilks, as he travels across the world on a mission to find out the optimal diet for human performance. (Psst, plant-based eaters, you’ll like the answer!)

The World’s Most Wanted Animal

If you have no idea what a pangolin is and why it’s the most trafficked animal, this documentary  will open your eyes to the gentle creatures– and the woman on a mission to save them.

Falling Inn Love

This movie starring Christina Milian will give you serious wanderlust for New Zealand. There’s an eco-renovation project, a goat named Gilbert, and an “opposites attract” romance— what more do you need from a sweet love story?

What the Health

“The health film that health organizations don’t want you to see.” What the Health offers a deep and investigative look into the benefits of veganism and why certain organizations may not want to expose the negative health effects of consuming animal products.

Free Solo

Watching Alex Honnold inch his fingers into rock crevices thousands of feet high *without a rope* will make your palms sweat. But what’s extra awesome is Honnold eats a mostly vegetarian diet proving a veggie-friendly lifestyle is for everyone, including muscular daredevils.

One Strange Rock

This 10-part series Nat Geo doc explores the wonder of the earth with Will Smith guiding us along the way. Astronaut perspectives combined with drone shots and gorgeous footage make for an immersive experience that will make you even more in awe of this planet. 

Boy Meets World

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Anyone with Disney Plus will fall in love with young Topanaga all over again, who is an eccentric, hippie with feministic tendencies— in the absolute best way possible. Plus, Mr. Feeny’s wisdom seems to only get more lovable and thoughtful with every episode. (So much nostalgia).  


Directed by longtime vegan Olivia Wilde, this movie is a must-watch if you love a sincere on-screen friendship, hilarious dialogue, and a killer soundtrack. (It’s streaming on Hulu and available for $3.99 on Youtube). 

The Office

Because “The Office” is always a good idea and we can’t get enough of Angela (the most uptight, cat-loving vegetarian character that makes us laugh out loud with love). Fun Fact: Craig Robinson, who plays Darryl, went vegan in 2017

Now that you’ve got movies to watch, check out some of our favorite books!

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