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The Christmas holidays wouldn’t feel right without a super cozy blanket, a warm cup of cocoa – and a feel-good film marathon that doesn’t stop until January!

So, here are 10 of our favorite animal related and green-themed movies to watch this festive season.

Grab your warmest socks – and get ready for some quality screen time!

  1. Babe

We can’t think of a better film to watch at Christmas. Babe has always been – and will always remain – one of our favorite little piggies!

  1. Hoot

Three middle-school kids go to great lengths to save rare, endangered owls. This film reminds us of the important relationship between humans, nature, and wildlife.

  1. Happy Feet

Happy Feet may not be directly about the environment – but the theme works its way in. There are subtle reminders throughout about overfishing and plastic pollution (and a soundtrack you can’t help but love)!

  1. Brother Bear

A beautiful story of a hunter who learns to be compassionate. The perfect film to watch for a bundle of vegan-positive vibes at Christmas!

  1. Free Willy

This absolute 90s hit sends a clear message: exploiting animals is wrong. With plenty of tear-jerking scenes, it’s the perfect film to watch under a warm blanket!

  1. Chicken Run

Watch these determined (and hilarious!) chickens escape their awful fate of becoming chicken pies – and be merry!

  1. WALL-E

Any film that depicts the Earth as a deserted, trash-covered, lonely ghost-town 700 years from now has a strong environmental message. Spoiler alert: despite the serious environmental issues the film explores, you will be left feeling warm-hearted – and hopeful.

  1. The Search for Santa Paws

Featuring Paws – a talking, cuddly puppy whose sole aim is to save Christmas, The Search for Santa Paws is a film any animal lover will appreciate!

  1. 101 Dalmatians

A Christmas classic that makes our hearts feel warm – and sends a message that friends are not fur! Need we say more?

  1. The Fox and the Hound

With fox hunting still taking place as an incredibly cruel Boxing Day “sport,” this lovely film is more relevant than ever.

If the fox and the hound can become friends – then maybe humans can learn to love foxes, too?

  1. 73 Cows

This 15-minute short documentary won best film at the 2018 Ottawa Vegan Film Festival. The film details beef farmer Jay Wilde’s internal struggle with taking his cattle for slaughter, and his ultimate decision to transition to organic plant-based farming. Keep the tissues handy!


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