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The holiday season is coming – and we’re getting into the holiday spirit!

But – thanks to the endless month of Christmas parties, and the abundance of animal-based Christmas dishes everywhere you look – it is also one of the most challenging times to be vegan.

Add in the endless stream questions about why you’re not touching the turkey on your plate – and the holiday season could become a lot less enjoyable!

Don’t worry, because here are our tips for surviving – and enjoying – the holidays as a vegan!

  1. Eat before you go

When your tummy is rumbling, staying away from non-vegan party food becomes much harder. Grab something delicious to eat before attending a Christmas party – and you’ll be less likely to feel grumpy when there’s a lack of vegan options.

  1. Bring a vegan meal everyone can enjoy

There’s nothing we love more than sharing vegan meals! If you’re worried there will be a lack of vegan food at a Christmas party or family gathering, make a delicious vegan meal and bring it in for everyone to enjoy. For inspiration, check out this incredible vegan Thanksgiving feast menu!

  1. Let people know in advance

Cozy Christmas dinner table

If you’re attending an office Christmas party, let your employer know you’re vegan in advance. They won’t be able to cater for it if they don’t know, right? Most companies are pretty accommodating when it comes to people’s dietary needs, whether it’s kosher, vegan, or gluten-free food.

  1. No vegan talk at the table

Preaching about veganism is a strict no-no. As much as you’d like to shed light on the many reasons you’re veganfrom heart disease to deforestation – save it for another time.

  1. Be prepared for the questions

That said – questions about veganism could be thrown your way. Remember – now is not the time to convert anyone. Answer those questions briefly and keep it light. After all – it’s all about enjoying your time with friends and family!

  1. Be enthusiastic about the effort people make

If someone tells you they’ve cut out beef and now only eat chicken, celebrate it! It may seem like a minor step to you – but it could be a pretty big deal to them. Don’t be stingy with praise, be kind, enthusiastic, and supportive. Every step in the right direction helps!

  1. Host a Christmas party

host a vegan Christmas party

If you’re up for it, why not host a vegan Christmas party yourself? It’s the perfect way to debunk the myth about vegan food tasting bland – and get everyone together to celebrate the season without harming any animals! There are plenty of turkey alternatives out there – check out these 58 best vegan Christmas dinner recipes.

And now – are you still not sure what to get your loved one for Christmas? Take this quiz, and we’ll tell you!

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