11 memes that capture what being vegan during the holidays is like
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The holiday season is upon us.

Which often means facing dinner parties and work functions as the vegan in the crowd. But there’s no reason we can’t get some laughs in the meantime!

Here are 11 funny memes every vegan can relate to about the holidays:

1. The hope for a vegan ChristmasChristmas vegan meme

We’ll keep hoping!

2. When reality hits you…vegan Christmas meme

Hey, maybe this year will be different…

3. Going to family functions like…

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What did you ask Santa for this year? 😜

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Yes, grandma. I’m still single.

4. When you’re invited to Christmas dinner

Always need more food for non-vegans to try and be blown away by how tasty it is!

5. Relatives who talk to you about veganism at dinner parties…

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I went vegan just over 2 years ago. After that initial, combined feeling of overwhelming sadness, shame and anger, I actually felt quite hopeful. I mean, obviously, even before going vegan, I already knew this world was shit, but most problems I was aware of just seemed incredibly difficult to deal with. What exactly is the solution to, say, the situation in the Middle East? Massive problems like that are a result of so many complex, varied causes, you know? Then, I went vegan, and I realized that there was a much bigger problem in this world which, paradoxically, had a really simple solution. That problem was the animal holocaust, and the solution was veganism. Things just clicked for me so quickly. I was obviously opposed to injustice and oppression, so how could I inflict senseless violence upon other animals, especially for the sake of something as trivial as my palate pleasure? Consuming animal products was so obviously unethical, and I was sure that, when challenged and given the opportunity to change, most people would see that. The fact that the first people I spoke to about the subject (my family) all went vegan straight away only reinforced my optimism. But that changed pretty soon. Back then, I was an active member of the Green Party,  here in New Zealand, and I was sure that the most "progressive" people in the country would be receptive to the simple message of veganism. I was wrong. I left the Party shortly after going vegan (fuck you, @nzgreenparty), and since then, I've been constantly amazed at people's attempts to justify something that is so obviously wrong. I mean, nonvegans, do you really think your pleasure can justify slavery, torture and slaughter? If we didn't have certain laws and social conventions in place, what else would you be willing to do? If you were allowed to own another human, would you? If rape wasn't illegal, would you just skip consensual sex? I still have some hope. I know that whatever small chance we have of creating a vegan world depends on vegans speaking out. If you're vegan, please, never stop fighting for the animals in any way you can. And if you're not vegan, LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE AND GO VEGAN.

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6. When you’re the only vegan at dinner parties…

Breathe, we’re right there with you!

7. Cooking a feast and…

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😒 come on. #plantbasedjokes

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Hey, they don’t know what they’re missing!

8. That fear when opening gifts…vegan Christmas meme

And the joy when they’ve got it right!


10. Relatives who still don’t get what veganism is…

Come on, it’s not that complicated! (is it?)

11. Rudolph deserves better…

vegan meme Santa

It’s 2018, it’s about time for Santa to go vegan!


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