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Ready to say goodbye to meat but not sure how to?

You’re in luck! October 1st is World Vegetarian Day and for the occasion we’ve got 5 stupid easy tips to help you make changes to your diet.

1. Give Meat-free Mondays a tryMediterranean bowl with pita and hummus

Going from hamburgers every day to a completely meat-free existence is not realistic for most people.

Scaling it down to one day a week is a manageable step that goes a long way. If everyone in the US did meatless Mondays, it’d be the equivalent of not driving 90 billion miles!

Already vegetarian? Go for vegan Mondays!

2. Buy a vegetarian/vegan cookbookrecipe book

Not knowing which recipes to make is the biggest hurdle to any diet change. Make your life easier by stocking your kitchen with the best vegan recipe books out there.

Remember to be realistic and pick one that matches your cooking skills!

3. ‘Veganize’ your favorite recipes

Getting familiar with vegan cooking is not only about discovering new tastes and ingredients. It’s about recreating familiar flavors and textures!

Don’t be afraid to season your meals just as you would a steak or chicken. Chances are, your favorite recipe can be made vegan.

Check out our 3 vegan burgers that will make anyone quit beef and our 7 yummy vegan versions of your favorite snacks for some inspiration.

4. Meal prep like a bossfresh cilantro and veggies on cutting board

Once you have a few go-to vegan recipes in your repertoire, make meal planning a priority.

Fail to plan, plan to fail as they say!

Having a vegan meal ready to go after a long day will reduce the chance of you going to McDonald’s when hunger and tiredness take over.

5. Find your whylittle lamb in a field

Last but hardly least, figuring out why you want to give a plant-based lifestyle a go will help you maintain your resolve.

Write down your reasons for making this change on a piece of paper and stick it to your fridge!

Want more tips and tricks to help you along your plant-based journey? Check out:

You might also find our Vegan FAQ series (where we answer all your burning questions related to a vegan lifestyle!) helpful.

Are you vegetarian and trying to go vegan? Let us know what’s working for you in the comments below!

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