9 simple ways you can protect human rights around the world -
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Stand up for equality, justice, and human dignity — today, tomorrow, and always.  Here are 9 simple things that you can do to protect human rights right now.

1. Spread the word on social media

Social media can be a great tool when it comes to promoting human rights. Share a campaign update, a photo, or a quote – and inspire others to stand up for human rights, too.

2. Address the authorities

Have you ever written a letter to a member of your local council or parliament? It’s a great way to direct their attention to the issues that are important!

Don’t be afraid to give your opinion of specific legislation – that’s what the authorities are there for.

3. Sign a petition

Want to help make an important change towards justice and equality? Sign a petition! It only takes minutes – but could potentially improve so many lives.

4. Donate

Many human rights organizations accept and welcome people’s donations. If you want to see them continue their work with protecting human rights, show your support by making a donation. Every dollar helps.

5. Raise funds

Fundraising can be a fun and rewarding way to support a human rights cause! You could host a fundraising event (who doesn’t love a games night?!), a bake sale, or even sign up for a city run!

6. Support local organizations

There are probably many organizations in your area dedicating their efforts to addressing various human rights issues. Find out what those groups are – and how you could support their campaigns and events.

7. Start a local group

Can’t find a human rights organization fighting issues you’re passionate about in your local area? Start one! People will feel empowered by your move, and you’ll likely meet plenty of like-minded individuals who are also passionate about the same cause.

8. Attend a rally

a rally in the city - woman's place is in the resistence

Peacefully marching for something you really believe in is a unique and empowering experience.

9. Volunteer

Many human rights organizations could use your help! Find a human rights cause you’re really passionate about – and dedicate some of your time to it.

Get involved! Here are Human Rights Resources to put on your radar:

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