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You’ll probably nod in agreement when we say this – but there’s no planet B!

Want to give the planet the best Christmas gift ever? Eat more plants!

Here’s why shifting to a plant-based lifestyle is just what the planet needs.

Plant-based is much more planet-friendly

According to the United Nations, veganism will save the planet.

How, you wonder? Let’s look at the facts.

It consumes less water.

A poll by the United Nations revealed that the world would only have 60 percent of the water it needs by 2013.

And, since feeding a meat eater requires at least three times more water than a vegan, and farming consumes about 70 percent of the planet’s accessible water – a meat and dairy-free diet is a logical solution to the problem.

It significantly reduces greenhouse emissions.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, livestock sector contributions to global greenhouse gas emissions exceed that of the transportation sector!

A recent study published in Nature found that in a nutshell, fewer animal products is what the planet needs.

It saves precious rainforests.

Love trees? So do we! They provide vital oxygen, as well as homes for many people and wildlife.

But did you know that we lose about 18.7 million acres of the world’s forests annually – an equivalent of about 27 soccer fields a minute?

And – about 80 percent of all Amazon deforestation is due to farming.

Switch to a plant-based diet – and help reduce the impact of this, and many other pressing environmental issues.


Plant-based living isn’t only good for the planet – it’s also great for your health!

Check out these 5 health benefits of eating plant-based.

Thinking of including more plants in your diet? Check out these helpful tips:

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