The unbelievably easy guide to going vegan
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Despite what you may have heard, going vegan doesn’t have to be the challenge of a lifetime.

You can kick-start a plant-based lifestyle by making some relatively small changes in your everyday life – here’s how!

1. Substitute food items.

Saying goodbye to meat, dairy and other animal products is an inevitable part of going vegan. Choose one type of food each week and substitute it with a vegan alternative. Thanks to the increasing demand, there are plenty of tasty options out there!

If you’re not sure where to begin, here’s how to grocery shop like a vegan pro – as well as a list of tasty plant-based burgers (that’ll make you wish you’d done this sooner!).

2. Become a compassionate shopper (i.e., make sure your clothing is cruelty-free).

The next step to going vegan is becoming aware of how the clothes you wear could be cruel to animals – and doing your best to put an end to it.

Shopping from cruelty-free brands will help make sure you don’t wear anything that may have caused suffering to animals. That’s a massive step towards leading a plant-based and cruelty-free lifestyle (and having a clear conscience!).

3. Switch to vegan self-care and beauty products.

Self-care is important – but the sad truth is that the majority of self-care and beauty products either contain hidden animal products or are tested on animals.

Choose wisely and pick products that don’t contribute to animal suffering. To start, check out these cruelty-free self-care products and our favorite cruelty-free vegan lipsticks!

 4. Don’t support companies that use animal products – or test on animals.

Many companies still test on animals or use animal-derived ingredients – meaning that if you’re their customer, you’re contributing to animal cruelty. Become aware of these companies, and if you’re a current customer – try and find an alternative cruelty-free brand that offers the same product or service.

Here’s a list of great cruelty-free companies from PETA.

And check out Leaping Bunny’s cruelty-free shopping guide.


You can also celebrate your new cruelty-free lifestyle with our “Be Kind to Every Kind” bracelet!

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