5 health benefits of a vegan diet you need to know about
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A vegan diet doesn’t only show kindness to the planet and all living beings – it also has a wealth of significant health benefits!

Here are five amazing ways eating a plant-based diet will make you a healthier human.

1. It protects your heart.

Vegetables in a heart shape

Following a vegan diet is the ultimate way to show your heart some love! Research shows that mostly consuming veggies, fruits, whole grains and meat substitutes (like soy) can significantly reduce your odds of developing heart disease. Your <3 will thank you!

2. It helps prevent – and manage – type 2 diabetes.

vegan salad

Not only does a plant-based diet lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes – but it can also help manage it!

Studies show that choosing a diet that emphasizes legumes, whole grains, veggies, nuts, fruits, and seeds is an effective tool in helping prevent as well as deal with the illness.

 3. It lowers your chances of becoming obese.

vegetables on a table

Did you know that a vegan diet could significantly reduce the chances of obesity? Yup, that’s what a review of a couple of studies into the effect of a plant-based diet on obesity and weight loss revealed.

With more than two-thirds of US adults being overweight or obese (!), this should send a clear message (erm, go vegan already?!).

 4. It lowers blood pressure.

a woman chopping vegetables

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a common disease – but research suggests that something as simple as switching to a plant-based diet could help! A study compared the blood pressure of various groups, including vegans and those on a Western diet. The result? Much lower blood pressure in those who follow a vegan diet, of course!

 5. It even reduces the risk of some types of cancer!

a woman holding an avocado

A new major report showed that a healthier lifestyle and basing our diets on plant-based foods could lower the risk of cancer (and that processed foods like meat and hot dogs are definitely linked to cancer).

Another (very good) reason to go vegan.

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