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Whether this is your first or 500th time on our Wholesome Culture blog, we’re so grateful you’re on this journey with us!

A little bit about us: at the core of Wholesome Culture lies a deep commitment to inspiring a more mindful, eco-consciou lifestyle all over the world. 

And since we’re believers that transparency and trust go hand in hand, we’re answering some questions we often get when it comes to our company’s stance on sustainability and ethics. Because no matter what, we want you to not just look good, but also feel good knowing our clothes are made with Mother Earth in mind

1. Are your clothes at Wholesome Culture ethically made? 

Ethical wholesome culture

We’re constantly working to improve our production processes. One way we’re doing this is by getting most of our clothes WRAP-certified. This means, the products are recognized *in a good way* by a third party certifying body whose mission is: to promote ethical, humane, and lawful conditions/practices in manufacturing facilities.

Wondering how hard is it to get certified? Companies have to go through an extensive process with applications and inspections to get this certificate. For more information about our factory locations, go to our How Our Clothes Are Made page.

2. Do you sell your clothing on Aliexpress (or any other website)?

No. That said, sometimes people steal our designs and sell fraudulent versions on various websites. We’re working on copyrighting our designs to prevent this from happening. But, it’s (sadly) hard to control what others do with our designs. 

We have incredible respect for artists and the creative process. All of our designs are illustrated by independent designers. So, the only way to be sure you’re purchasing an authentic Wholesome Culture product is to do so from our website

3. Are you sustainable? 

Our clothes are hand-screen printed in the USA, with water-based inks (not plastic-based inks).

Water-based inks are better for the planet because they don’t contain chemicals like PVCs and phthalates. And they’re easily cleaned without the use of harmful solvents. Plus, they soak fully into fabrics, so they won’t crack and fade with wear.

Additionally, unlike most clothing brands, to the best of our ability, we print our clothes on demand. When we have extras, which occasionally happens due to minimum order volumes for garments, we donate them to our giving back partners or to people in need. So far, we’ve donated 7,856 units of clothing to organizations like the Salvation Army.

Contrast that with many other brands who may regularly throw out or shred products they don’t sell. Check out this other post to learn more about stock destruction and why it’s harmful

Ethical Wholesome Culture

While not all of our clothes are currently made from organic cotton, our goal is to make that happen within the next year or so. Stay tuned! For now, check out some of our cute tees made with recycled plastic bottles. Eco tip: use the Guppyfriend Washing bag when you wash them to make sure no microfibers get into the oceans & rivers. 

And don’t miss out on our organic cotton collection.

On top of embracing sustainability in our products, we’re also working to be sustainable with our shipping processes. That’s why we ship our products in recycled and biodegradable packaging.

And last but certainly not least, we donate 10 percent of our profit to animal rescues and environmental non-profits.

Here are three amazing organizations we’ve recently supported:

4. How else do you live your mission? 

As a team of animal-lovers and many plant-based eaters, we’re honored to support animal rescue organizations. Our friends at Sale Ranch Sanctuary, Rancho Relaxo, Woodstock Sanctuary, and The Riley Farm Rescue truly make our days with their beautiful work for animals!

Marla from The Riley Farm Rescue

We also donated to WIRES and The Australia Red Cross in their efforts to help people and animals impacted by the Australia bushfires. 

And we regularly update our blog with tips and tricks to help you live your most eco-friendly life (yay!).

Get a glimpse of some of our posts here:

Of course, we’re always trying to improve our practices and we know we’re not perfect. But we’re so excited to keep sharing our earth-friendly designs, donating money to super deserving organizations, and giving you all more resources to live your best sustainable life! And thank YOU for being a part of this empowering Wholesome Fam community. 💛

For more about Wholesome Culture, check out our mission.

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