The one simple thing absolutely everyone can do to help the planet
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Hustle. In it to win it. Be your best self. These hustling mantras follow us everywhere from our screens, to our everyday interactions, and to our conversations with ourselves. It’s exhausting! 

We’re the first to appreciate a detailed to-do list and motivating vision board, but constantly living in a go-go-go world with unattainably high standards doesn’t feel sustainable (for us or Mother Earth). 

So, what if we all sloooooowed down a little? 

Slow food, slow fashion, and slow travel are movements dedicated to embracing experiences and appreciating good quality– rather than rushing for immediate gratification. The movements are also notoriously better for the planet. 

But what if we nourished a sense of slowness in our everyday lifestyles, too? Maybe skipping the car to walk every once in a while or doing some sort of meditation practice in place of our nightly Instagram scroll.We know jam-packed days are often unavoidable and we all have very different responsibilities/lifestyles, but we’re believers that small changes over periods of time really matter. 

slow down

Studies show that compassion-based meditation enhances mental processing and empathy, while also boosting our sense of social connectedness. Other research proposes that when people are more empathetic, they become more concerned about the environment. It’s a beautiful cycle that starts with the simple (but also very difficult) act of pausing. 

Plus, it’s estimated that the human brain has about 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts every single day (that’s a lot of thinking!). And if you’re anything like us, not all of our thoughts are particularly productive. Rather, we often feel like we’re drowning in the never-ending news cycle and confused as to how we can make a difference. 

Especially recently with the fires in Australia and the floods in Indonesia, it’s nearly impossible to process the suffering and keep moving forward with the pangs of fear and shame in our hearts. 

Here are some ideas of ways to slow down (that benefit you and the planet)

slow down

  • Walk more 
  • Drive slower
  • Spend more time outside (and less time staring at your phone inside)
  • Unplug to meditate or write 
  • Cook at home instead of ordering takeout
  • Embrace quality over quantity
  • Get comfy saying “no” (relish in gratitude instead!)

Of course, slowing down and meditating more is not going to cure or fix everything, but it’s an amazing way to manage the pressures of being human. And every time we say no to something we don’t need and opt for a walk instead of a drive, we’re not only showing love to ourselves, but also to Mother Earth. 

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