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From the air we breathe to friendships (old and new), there are so many things we’re grateful for this year, and always. 

Here’s a portion of our (constantly growing) gratitude list that’s full of reasons to be thankful for the planet, for the animals, and for the humans who light up our lives. 

52 reasons to be grateful every day 

We’re grateful for the planetColorful sunset

1. The way the ocean reminds us how small we are

2. Warm sun rays on a cool day

3. Glittery sparkles of the ocean

4. Soil beneath our feet 

5. Clean water that tastes so purely perfect

6. Soft sand between our toes

7. The magic of snow

Sparkly snow

8. Tree rustles in the wind

9. A full moon in the night sky

10. Earthshine

11. Every sunrise and every sunset

12. Puffy clouds that look like pillows

Puffy clouds

13. Wispy clouds that look like whispers

14. Seasons

15. Grassy fields that make us want to skip!

16. Stars that are always in the sky (even if you’re in a city where it’s hard to see them!)

Starry sky

17. Waterfalls that make us feel like we’re in a fairytale

18. Rainbows

Rainbow in the trees

We’re grateful for all of the animals 

19. All the deep sea creatures we haven’t met yet

20. Sassy cats 

Cat on blanket

21. Loyal dogs who think we’re the best humans in the world

22. Female green turtles that return to the same beach where they were born before they nest!

Turtle in ocean

23. Caterpillars

24. The subtle genius of squirrels

25. Birds chirping in the morning

26. Watching snails move forward, as if they know they’ll get to where they need to be eventually

Snail on the road

27. Gender-changing oysters

28. Pig grunts

29. “Horrid ground-weaver” spiders that may look scary, but are actually harmless 

30. Sea otters cuddling 

31. Puffins that mate for life

32. Pangolins rolling into little balls to protect themselves from danger

33. The way seahorses hold each other’s tails when they travel

34. Watching butterflies taste with their feet

35. The soulful eyes of horses

36. Adorable doggie snores

For the people 

37. The way a good friend knows when saying nothing is exactly what you need

38. Hugs

39. Long talks on the phone with a loved one who lives far away

40. Contagious laughter

Two friends

41. When you’re so close with someone that silence doesn’t feel weird

42. The way the hands of our loved ones make us feel safe 

Two hands touching

43. Roommates that make new cities feel like home

44. Thoughtful friends who remember to wish you luck before an appointment/date/job interview

45. Nice strangers who smile when you make eye contact with them

Smiling woman in the street

46. Co-workers who make Mondays feel less like Mondays

47. Exes (romantic or friendship) who helped you grow 

48. Teachers

49. That person who tells you like it is (even when it’s hard to hear)

50. Loved ones who write handwritten birthday cards

51. Best friends who feel like family

52. Family members who feel like best friends

Friends dancing


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