All the reasons science says being kind is good for your heart 
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Happy World Heart Day

There are many ways to take care of your heart health – eat a healthy plant-based diet, exercise and stay active, quit smoking – but did you know that being kind will help too?

That’s right. There are heart health benefits to performing acts of kindness! 

The science behind being kind

One act of kindness can actually make you feel better! 

Science agrees that performing one act of kindness can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also aid you to become calmer, healthier, and happier. Long story short – the kinder you are, the better you will feel! 

This World Heart Day, be kinder to lower your blood pressure!

 According to Dr. David R. Hamilton, being kind causes emotional warmth, which produces the hormone known as oxytocin in the brain and body. When you release oxytocin, a chemical known as nitric oxide is released into the blood vessels, which makes them expand and lowers your blood pressure. 

Protect your heart by committing to one act of kindness each and every day! Check out this other blog post for 28 ways to be kind every day of the week

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