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There’s a good chance, you’ve been told at some point to embrace self-love affirmations in your life. But what exactly is an “affirmation” and why is it beneficial to our self-esteem? 

According to Positive Psychology, positive affirmations are “positive phrases or statements used to challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts.” In this sense, they help “rewire” our brains by breaking negative thought patterns and shifting them into positive ones. 

However, like yoga and meditation, it’s a practice — not a one-size-fits-all quick fix. Meaning, affirmations require regular, long-term use to help start these helpful patterns. But if you do use them regularly, studies show they can help decrease stress and help you respond with more resilience when difficulties arise. 

“I am enough.”  

Do you love to write? Consider writing your affirmation in the morning. If you have a commute, saying it aloud to yourself every time you lock your door is another way to turn your brain to focus on your affirmation. 

We’ve seen the power of affirmations to help us stay rooted in self-love and self-compassion in our own daily lives. That’s why we designed our sustainable underwear and bras collection with the affirmation “you are enough.” Our goal is to remind you that you are worthy exactly as you are, and help you connect with your own affirmations. 

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So whether you’re hoping to embrace more positivity or let go of self-defeating thoughts, here are 20+ self-love affirmations. We hope one of these affirmations resonates with you or inspires you to write your own specifically tailored to you and your journey. 

20+ self-love affirmations

  1. I am worthy as I am.
  2. I am still growing. 
  3. My body is my strength. 
  4. I deserve to take up space. 
  5. I embrace my body for all it is. 
  6. My imperfections are beautiful. 
  7. I love the things that make me different. 

  8. I deserve to rest. 
  9. My body is beautiful, today and always.
  10. I am worthy of good things.
  11. I am complete just as I am. 
  12. Today, I choose to nourish myself with kindness. 

  13. I am grateful for my body. 
  14. I strive for authenticity, not perfection. 
  15. Being myself is enough. 
  16. I design my own life. 
  17. I am still discovering new things about myself.
  18. My opinion of myself is the one that matters most. 
  19. I am grounded. 
  20. My life is not defined by what I do or do not achieve. 

  21. I am rooted in peace and purpose. 
  22. I am enough. 

And check out our sustainable underwear and bras collection for intimates made to inspire your self-confidence and compassion. Because you are worthy exactly as you are.

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