8 eco-friendly resolutions we're going to (actually) keep this new year

We love ambitious go-getter goals, but it’s easy to go into the new year with a slew of objectives that can feel more overwhelming than inspiring. Instead of aiming for perfection overnight, we’re setting smaller, more reasonable eco-friendly resolutions and going to put our everything into keeping them.

Here are our goals at Wholesome Culture for 2020. We hope they inspire you to live your most eco-friendly year yet!

Our top 8 eco-friendly resolutions for 2020

1. Never use a plastic strawBamboo straw

That’s why we carry our bamboo straw wherever we go!

2. Buy only naked produce Produce

Those plastic food wraps don’t do us or Mother Earth any favors.

3. Pick up (at least) one piece of litter every week

One less piece of trash on the ground = happier world. 

4. Always remember reusable bags Wholesome Culture reusable cotton tote bag

You’ll find reusable bags tucked away in every corner of our worlds (car pockets, purse compartments, backpack inserts, you get the point). 

5. Make it a point to carpool more Carpool

Even carpooling just once a week (or month) makes a big impact over time. 

6. Share vegan recipes with friends 

What better way to introduce others to a plant-based lifestyle in a non-pushy way than with vegan chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies?

7. Take more time away from the phones

ReadingTaking more breaks from the screens is good for mental health and it reduces our carbon footprints. 

8. Say NO more 

This can be one of the most efficient (but often difficult) ways to be more eco-friendly. Saying “no” to things you don’t need or want (receipts, flyers, even trips you’re not excited about) will give you more space to love things/people that matter most to you.

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