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Everybody’s talking about “eating local” right now, but what exactly does that mean?

Basically, eating local is all about supporting your community’s farmers and retailers by purchasing organic, homegrown food, as opposed to big chain grocery stores. And since it’s officially farmers market season, there’s no better time to explore your inner locavore!

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Shop local, save the planet

Why buy produce that’s been shipped across the continent when you can get veggies grown right in your region? Buying local means cutting down on transportation emissions; chain grocery stores regularly ship in food from all over the globe.

Plus, shopping at farmers markets supports local economies, helping to create jobs right in your city while also building a real sense of community. Who knew spending a lazy Sunday at your favorite market could be so beneficial?

And while you’re at it, make sure to bring reusable shopping bags with you – you’re going to need them!

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The top farmers markets in North America

Ready to get shopping, but not sure where to start?

Check out Local Farmers to find your nearest farmers market.

These are some of the top-rated farmers markets in North America:

United States



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How to deal if there are no farmers markets in your area

No farmers markets nearby? Why not help get one started?

Get the ball rolling by identifying interested vendors, scouting locations, organizing a committee, or presenting your case to city hall. Even just starting a Facebook group to spread the word is a great place to start.

If you don’t have the time or resources to start a farmers market in your town, do the next best thing – find local farms and supplement your plant-based diet with their produce! It might not be as convenient, but taking the time to shop local is worth the effort.

You could even visit a local farm and pick your own produce! Visit Pick Your to find a pick-your-own farm near you!


The bottom line? This summer, make sure hitting up at least one farmers market is on your bucket list! The planet – and your tastebuds – will thank you.

Learn more about the environmental impact of your plant-based lifestyle:

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