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As if we needed another reason to love living a plant-based life (besides saving animals), being vegan also means saving water.  And a lot of it.

Studies show that someone following a plant-based diet uses five times less water than someone with a meat-based diet.

Here’s why: it requires hundreds, sometimes thousands, of gallons of water to produce a single pound of meat.

The water footprint of beef is 1,800 gallons per pound, with pork following at 578 gallons, and chicken at 468 gallons. Meaning, burgers and chicken sandwiches are basically buckets of water stuffed between bread.

Eating corn instead of meat means you're saving water

What about corn and potatoes? They need about 100 gallons of water per pound.

With a little number crunching, it’s clear we could use the same water to produce 18 pounds of potatoes that would be used to produce one pound of beef.

Plus, growing vegetables requires way less land than it takes to “raise” animals, which is also hugely beneficial on the environment.  

You’ll still find us turning off the sink when we brush our teeth and taking shorter showers, but eating meat-free is one of the most efficient ways we can show the earth we care.

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