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For most of us, our kitchens can be a big source of wastefulness. From uneaten food to energy-guzzling appliances, most kitchens are anything but “green”. Luckily, you can have a more eco-friendly kitchen just by making a few simple adjustments.

Time to unplug

Scoring an eco-friendly kitchen is totally doable on a budget; it all comes down to your habits. Start by unplugging appliances like toasters and electric kettles when they’re not in use – they still waste power even when they’re “off”.

eco-friendly habits

Start a compost bin

Our landfills have enough to deal with. Why not save the planet and help fertilize new plants by composting? Some cities have compost collection programs, but you can start your own DIY bin too.


Switch to eco-friendly bamboo utensils

Bamboo is a very renewable resource – it grows quickly and can be harvested without killing the whole plant. Next time you’re in the market for flatware or cooking utensils, try making the switch to bamboo. Wholesome Culture’s bamboo utensils are a beautiful, eco-friendly option – plus, part of the profits go to animal rescue and environmental organizations.

eco-friendly utensils

Choose energy-efficient appliances

If you’ve got the budget for new appliances, consider buying energy-efficient ones – they’ll help protect the planet and reduce your energy bills. While gas stoves are generally considered more “green” overall, there are energy-efficient electric options available too.

If new appliances aren’t a possibility, you can make a difference by taking better care of your current ones. Keep your fridge around two-thirds full for max energy efficiency and don’t forget to clean those coils on the back – they use less energy when they’re dust free.

eco-friendly appliances

Prevent food waste with a meal plan

No one likes wasting money and resources by throwing out uneaten, spoiled food. That’s why planning ahead is so important. Our 7-Day Kickstart Meal Plan makes plant-based grocery shopping a breeze – you won’t want to waste these super nutritious and delicious meals.

Bonus points if you decide to do a weekly meal prep day. Less preheating equals less wasted energy.

Say goodbye to single-use plastics and papers

The name says it all – single-use plastics are a waste. Treat yourself (and the planet) to reusable containers and vegan reusable food wraps – they do the same job as their plastic counterparts but are way more eco-friendly (and cute, too).

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What can you do with our WRAPPAs? Wrap your fruit and veggies in the fridge. Cover the other half of your avocado. Wrap up the kid’s sandwiches. Cover your salad bowls. Use to stop your cutting board from slipping on the bench. Roll pastry or dough on top of them. Make fun little snack bags with the kids! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #food #foodlover #feedfeed #healthyfood #ecofriendly #organic #ethical #sustainability #vegan #ecofashion #handmade #sustainableliving #australia #nature #avocadolover #mandarins #citrus #mushrooms #mushroomlover #aussiefarmers #aussieproduce #reusablefoodwraps #veganlife #sustainable #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #kitchenhandy #mumskitchen #wrapparevolution #saynotoplastic

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The same goes for paper towels. Why not replace them with bamboo alternatives for a guilt-free, sparkling-clean kitchen?

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Never spend money on paper towels again. Bambooee

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Join the reusable straw movement

It’s official: plastic straws are cancelled. Help save the oceans and animals by sticking to reusable bamboo straws. They’re green and easy to clean!

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Take a closer look at your cleaning products

Some traditional household cleaners are major pollutants! Luckily, there are tons of effective, eco-friendly cleaning products that also happen to smell amazing. Have fun experimenting with new formulas and scents! And if you’re on a budget, stick with the classic: vinegar and hot water.

eco-friendly cleaning

Sip smart with glass water bottles

Plastic water bottles are bad for the environment – and they also promote bacteria growth and release chemicals into water. Yuck. Next time, choose a glass option like our “Less Plastic More Love” bottle that you can reuse for years to come. Hydrating never looked so good!


When it comes to maintaining an eco-friendly kitchen, it’s really all about reduce, reuse, recycle. Finding ways to repurpose what you already own, investing in energy-efficient products and cutting down on unnecessary waste are just a few easy options that make a big impact.

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