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Happy International Women’s Day! Today is all about advocating for women’s rights and celebrating their achievements, which is exactly why we decided to put a spotlight on five empowering organizations. Read on to find out who they are!

1. Women for Women International

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Women for Womensupports the most marginalized women in countries affected by conflict and war” through programs that help these women earn money, create supportive networks, and get healthy – all the hallmarks of empowerment. Women for Women focuses on building lasting change that impacts not just individuals, but entire communities – which is particularly complicated in war-torn countries.

2. Dress for Success

Every woman deserves to have a career if she chooses, but not everyone has the resources or tools to make it happen. Dress for Success provides women with the attire, development tools, and networks necessary for success. By helping to break the cycle of poverty, Dress for Success is creating better lives for women and their families.

3. No More Stolen Sisters

Indigenous women's rights

Indigenous women are “at least three times more likely to experience violence, and at least six times more likely to be murdered” than non-Indigenous women – and when these women go missing, their cases have historically gone uninvestigated. Thankfully, Amnesty International’s No More Stolen Sisters is dedicated to exposing the sad state of Indigenous women’s rights here in North America.

4. Malala Fund

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In 2012, Malala Yousafzai was shot for speaking publicly about the importance of educating girls. But that didn’t stop this heroine from creating a fund to remove “barriers preventing more than 130 million girls around the world from going to school.”

If you’d like to support every girl’s right to an education, make sure to check out the Malala Fund – and be prepared for feel inspired. In Malala’s own words, “I believe we will see every girl in school in my lifetime.”

5. Eleventh Candle Co.

Founded by Amber Runyon, Eleventh Candle Co. is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of women and children both in the United States and in Ethiopia. Their work has ensured that a “once trafficked woman in Ohio is employed, a village in Ethiopia is supported and orphaned children are welcomed into homes.” Alongside Amber’s nonprofit Legacy, they’ve also created a soccer field, employed Ethiopian artisans, and supported local co-ops.

Plus, their 100% soy wax, locally sourced and crafted candles are absolutely gorgeous – and each purchase supports Eleventh Candle Co.’s humanitarian efforts.

With so many incredible organizations around, there are ways for everyone to stand up for women’s rights. Here’s to a fantastic – and productive – International Women’s Day!

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