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We live for a good animal rescue story – and Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary (SRS) has tons of them. Founded by Jen Sale in 2013, SRS saves injured, sick, and abandoned animals, nursing them back to health on their property in Southern California. We spoke with Jen to find out more about her rescue efforts and how we can help.

What does Sale Ranch Sanctuary do?

A piglet named Pink rescued by Sale Ranch Sanctuary


SRS rescues animals – babies, mostly – that have been “discarded” by the food industries, and dairy in particular. Dairy cows are impregnated over and over again so they keep producing milk – and they’re separated from their calves in the process. This hugely traumatic cycle of events leaves many young calves sick and helpless, which is why SRS is dedicated to being their advocate.

The ranch also offers hospice to senior horses and sick animals in need, saving countless beings from heartbreaking situations.

“Once we’re able to heal the animals who come to us in crisis, they become the most amazing and beautiful ambassadors of compassion, and how we’re all worthy,” says Jen. “It doesn’t matter if we have two legs or we have four legs, if we have fur, feathers or hair – we’re all worth of this.”

SRS’s work is completely awe-inspiring – just see for yourself:

The ranch needs help to keep saving animals

Sale Ranch Sanctuary faces many challenges of its own – it’s not easy caring for all of those animals, but it’s so worth it.

One of the biggest challenges comes from the land itself. Due to drought, erosion runoff disturbs the soil, putting the animals at risk of injury – especially the blind animals living on the ranch like Hope, Duke and Ray Charles. SRS workers used to level out the ground manually with shovels, an exhausting task that kept them away from the real purpose behind the ranch: the animals.

Wholesome Culture’s work with Sale Ranch Sanctuary

As part of our mission, Wholesome Culture gives a portion of our profits to animal rescue and environmental organizations. When we heard about Sale Ranch Sanctuary’s struggles, we knew we had to help. To show the ranch just how much we appreciate their animal rescue efforts, we helped them purchase a new tractor that quickly levels out the terrain, keeping the animals safe!

Here’s how to help Sale Ranch Sanctuary

If you’d like to show Sale Ranch Sanctuary some love, you can:

  • Make a donation. SRS’s goal is to expand their ranch and take in more animals than ever before – but they need support to make it happen.
  • Volunteer at the ranch.
  • Spread the word! Let all your social media followers know about SRS’s incredible animal rescue efforts.
  • Stop supporting the dairy and meat industries. Many of Sale Ranch Sanctuary’s animals come from those industries.

“There are so many animals waiting for people to choose compassion and kindness, and leave animals off their plate,” Jen says.

Thank you to Sale Ranch Sanctuary for giving us the opportunity to choose compassion and be part of your journey!


Here are more ways you can help save animals:


And learn more about the food industries causing needless animal suffering:

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