3 ways you can help save bees
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Sadly, bee populations face a dangerous decline due to excessive pesticide use. So, they need our help!

Read on for exactly why bees are so important, and three ways you can help bees thrive.

The importance of bees 

What do cucumbers and watermelons have in common? They are, among thousands of other crops, foods that would disappear without bees.

In fact, without bees to pollinate our food, up to a third of our food supply would vanish.

Scary, right!?

Not only do bees play an important part in our food supply but they also pollinate 80 percent of flowering plants on Earth which provides nourishment to birds and insects.

Do your part to help save bees 

bee on flower

You can help the world’s bee population by:

  1. Raising awareness of this issue by sharing posts like this one, starting conversations with friends and family, or signing save the bees petitions, like this one from Greenpeace.
  2. Avoiding food grown with pesticides and using natural ways to deal with pests in your own garden.
  3. Planting bee-friendly flowers and fruit trees. Bees love sunflowers, lavender, and berry trees.


There’s one more way you can help bees – by going vegan! To learn more about what that means, check out our post on why vegans don’t eat honey.

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