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Positivity is something we can all use a little (or a lot) more of in our lives. And the numbers show that optimists tend to not only be more successful and less stressed than cynics, but they’re also generally healthier and live longer. Here are 31 ways to be more positive in your daily routine —  one tip for every single day of the month. Happy days!

How to be more positive every day of the month

1. Wake up gently

Why wake up to a jarring “beep beep” if you don’t have to? The Google clock app can link up to your Spotify account to play music for your alarm instead. Or consider a daylight simulation alarm clock that mimics a sunrise, so your body wakes up as light fills the room. Starting your morning stress-free will set the tone for a happy more positive day. 

2. See the beauty in small things

find beauty in little things like the changing colors of leaves

Maybe it’s the smell of coffee in the morning. Or the sound of your neighborhood fruit guy saying “hello.” Or the feeling of warm water on your skin in the shower. Paying attention to the simple loveliness of life will fill your mind with feel-good vibes. 

3. Do something that makes you happy every day

For one person, it’s flowing on a yoga mat. For another, it’s watching an episode of reality tv. Even if you just have five minutes, try to do something that brings you pure joy seven days a week. 

find positivity from practicing yoga

4. Say NO 

You don’t have to say “yes” to everything to be a positive person. Saying “no” is just as important. This can be one of the hardest things to accept, but the more you value your time — the more you can give it to the things/people that are most important to you. 

5. Ditch perfection

Channeling more positivity doesn’t mean chasing perfection — it’s actually the opposite! Be ok with things not going as planned and remember that sometimes the back-up plan is better than the original. 

write positive notes

6. Make a pick-me-ups file

Every time someone sends you a particularly nice note or email, save it in a physical box or digital folder in your email. That way when you need some words of encouragement, you’ll know exactly where to look. 

7. Make a happy mantra

use a positive mantra

“Today is going to be a good day.” “Just smile.” “Be humble and happy.” 

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy! But giving yourself a kind reminder can give you a center in even the most challenging of moments. 

8. Take three gratitude minutes

For 180 seconds, focus on reasons to be grateful wherever you are: your heartbeat, your inhales and exhales, the way the roof covers your head. Just list off as many reasons as you can in three minutes– go! 

9. Swap the negative with the positive

Like the yoga sutra, pratipaksha bhavana, try to replace thoughts that bring you down with thoughts that lift you up. For example, “I hate delayed flights” to “Now, I get more time to read my book.” Even if it feels forced to be positive, little by little it can form into a new mindset. 

thing positive

10. Write and reflect

journaling can help with positivity

Journaling gives your thoughts a place to take up space. So, if you find yourself overwhelmed, grab a pen and get those feelings on paper, so they aren’t just stuck in your head. Want to take it a step further? Write down a negative thought and literally rip it to shreds. 

And if you’re feeling really great (woo hoo!), still write it out. That way when you’re having a rough day, you can come back to your journal and remember better days are on the way.

11. Sit tall

Sometimes a little lift of the chin can make a huge difference in the way you feel. 

woman sitting near water

12. Zoom out 

If something is weighing you down, try zooming out and changing your perspective. By taking a “bird’s eye” view of your life, you can get a better picture of what’s actually going on. You may even spot something positive that you’ve been missing out in the corners.

13. Find your happy place

Whether it’s the comfort of your kitchen or your favorite coffee shop, find a place that makes you feel happy and content. And bask in that happy place. 

14. Go outside

going outside can increase positivity

Nature heals. According to this study, spending two hours a week in nature can boost a person’s overall sense of well-being. Go for a walk, sit in the grass, hike a new trail, plan a camping trip… and reap the benefits of a more positive sense of self. Of course, do so safely! 

15. Change your scenery

You don’t have to move to a new city to get a change of scenery (of course, you can and we’re all for it!). Throw some bright pillows on your couch, get a different comforter, or rearrange some furniture. Small simple changes can feel like a total makeover and give your eyes something new to admire. 

changing your living room can increase feelings of positivity

16. Do something on your bucket list

Order takeout from that vegan restaurant that you’ve been wanting to try for months. Bake those blueberry scones that you’ve been eyeing on your favorite blogger’s Instagram. 

Checking something off your list will give you all the endorphins — even if it’s something small. 

17. Be nice to yourself

be nice to your reflection

Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. And repeat. Even if it feels so weird and awkward, give yourself permission to build yourself up as if you are your own best friend (which you should be!). 

18. Give authentic compliments to others

How good does it feel when a stranger compliments your outfit?! And non-appearance related comments are even that much more special for both the receiver and the giver. 

Here are some of our favorites:

  1. You’re such a sincere listener
  2. Thank you for brightening up my day
  3. You have such a lovely aura
  4. Thank you for radiating such good energy
  5. Your kindness is beautiful

19. Treat yourself

treat yourself to avocado toast in bed

Splurge on little treats that make you happy. Whether it’s splurging on a cozy new tee or having a home spa day, pamper yourself with zero guilt.  

20. Get a plant

having plants increases positivity

Indoor plants aren’t just pretty,  but they can also boost concentration, enhance your mood, and reduce stress — what’s not to love?! Plus, taking care of something can add purpose to our lives. 

21. Curl up with a good book

Books are known to transport our minds to faraway places, and research also shows that reading improves empathy and boosts our self-esteem. Happy reading! 

22. Find joy in your commute

Make the most of the time between Point A and Point B (even if its going from your bed to your kitchen counter). Stretch, go for a quick walk, or listen to a few minutes of a podcast before starting your work day.

23. Make a Happy Days soundtrack

Find songs that put you in a good mood and save them in one space, so it’s handy when you need a pick-me-up. Spotify has some fun soundtracks for inspiration, but don’t be afraid to go way, way back and get personal. “Why Can’t I” by Hilary Duff and “Ice Ice Baby” would be on our list. 

listening to happy music can make you feel more positive

24. Want good things for yourself… and others.

“The smaller the space between your desire and what is right, the happier you will be.” This is a quote from the book Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter and we couldn’t agree more. 

25. Consider taking off your headphones

It’s so easy to get into habits of walking everywhere with headphones, but take advantage of the opportunity to listen to your surroundings and fully engage in the present moment. You may just make a new friend somewhere you’d never expect. 

26. Silence comparison

don't compare yourself to others

We’ve all heard it a zillion times, but that doesn’t make it any less true. The less we compare ourselves to others, the better off we are.

27. Go screen-free

Spending a little less time looking at engagement photos of your “friend” from middle school or vacay pics from a blogger’s 300th wellness trip to Santa Barbara will give your mind more space for other more productive and positive things. 

28. Surround yourself with kind-hearted people

Kind people gravitate to other kind people. It’s as simple as that. Schedule a catch-up zoom happy hour with friends that make you feel good or make an effort to text more regularly with someone who brings you a sense of calm. 

29. Be generous

Even the science shows that generosity has mood-boosting perks! Consider tipping the delivery worker or donating time to a cause you care about. 

be generous by tipping for good service

30. Ask for help

When you need a helping hand, don’t be afraid to ask for one. By reaching out for help and encouragement you’ll not only have so much more energy, but you’ll also be reminded that you’re a part of a community… which feels really good. 

31. Smile

Simply lifting up the corners of your mouth can work wonders. 

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