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The moments between leaving home and arriving at work/school can feel like a day in itself.  Hello, honking traffic jams, unbreathable trains, frustrating subway delays, and lots of sitting in one place.

Commuting is more than a thing we do to get somewhere, it’s a major chunk of our lives. So, why not embrace the time to be more eco-friendly?

Next time you hit the road, consider these simple tips to make your commute better for you and the Earth.

Follow these 6 tips for an eco-friendly commute

Find a driving buddy

Instead of getting stressed in traffic alone or bored on the road, give yourself some company and carpool. It’s an opportunity to catch up and connect with a friend or co-worker, take advantage of that carpool lane, and cut your carbon emissions (triple win)!

Listen to green-friendly podcasts

Listen to environmental podcasts on your eco-friendly commute

Make the most of your time between Point A and Point B by listening to some inspiring thoughts about sustainability.  Here are some of our favorite podcasts: Hippie Haven Podcast, The Green Divas, green dreamer, and Low Tox Life.

Use public transportation, bike or walk (if you can)

We’ve all heard this a million times and we know it’s not always reasonable. But if it is, give it a go! Even if you opt for your feet or public wheels once a week — those little changes add up over the course of a year.

Remember your reusable cup

Wholesome Culture biodegradable reusable coffee mug

Making a pit stop for coffee en route? Don’t forget your reusable coffee cup! If you’re looking for a new on-the-go cup, checkout our Wholesome Culture “Live Gently Upon This Earth” mug. It’s BPA-free, organic, recyclable, and dishwasher-safe.

Drive smoothly

Driving at high speeds and sudden braking/ accelerating are a bad combination for fuel. By driving smoothly and staying within the speed limit, you’re not only practicing safe habits for you and everyone else on the road, but you’re also being good to the Earth.

Plan ahead

If you know you have to run different errands after work, try to combine them in one big gas-saving trip. That way, you’ll save money on fuel and produce less gas emissions.

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