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Going on vacation often means jetting off on a plane or driving the highway for hours on end (we love us a good road trip!) which means we emit carbon whether we like it or not.


But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to staycations.

Our daily lifestyle choices, namely what we put on our plate, has a bigger impact on the environment than anything else we do.

In fact, according to studies featured in the documentary “Cowspiracy”, eating a single burger during your vacation creates as much as four pounds of green house gases.

To compare, carbon emissions in air travel vary approximately from 0.3 lbs CO2e to 0.5 lbs per passenger.

How to reduce your impact (hint: eat vegan on the road!)

Traveling has an environmental cost but choosing vegan food all year round and during your travels will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Ready to make a change in your eating habits to reflect your care about the environment? Summer is actually the perfect time to try out this vegan thing for many reasons.

Not sure how to go about it during your travels? Check out these great vegan travel tips from Sabrina Horel, a digital nomad who lives on the road!

Take a few more steps (literally!)footprint on dirt surrounded by leaves and shells

Eating vegan while travelling is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint but you can make a bigger stride by – you’ve guessed it – working on your stride.

Choosing to walk during your trip will reduce gas emissions and save you a lot on expensive taxi fares.

Walking everywhere not an option?

Try renting or bringing your own bicycle. A lot of big cities are cyclist-friendly and even offer bike renting services city-wide.

You can also take advantage of public transport services such as the bus or subway.

Want to know more about being eco-friendly during your travels? Check out these Earth-friendly ways to enjoy nature.


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