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Let’s get this straight first: anytime is a good time to try out a vegan lifestyle.

That said, some circumstances make it easier to implement life changes.

Summer, for many reasons, is a time where all the stars are aligned in the vegan universe. That’s our belief anyway!

So, why is now the perfect moment to take the daring plunge into a plant-based lifestyle?

1. Summer recipes are the best

Wholesome Culture ultimate veggie burger recipe

There’s a reason why (veggie) burgers are the warm weather emblem of America. They’re so damn good!

With barbecued vegetables, colorful delicious salads, and fruit desserts, summer recipes have nothing to envy from other seasons.

July and August are the perfect time to try out all of these vegan recipes you’ve seen circulating online. Need a little inspiration to get started?

Check out these recipes:

There’s just something about summer that makes us more relaxed and, well, hungry. Which leads us to our next point.

2. It’s vacation time!

fit woman doing yoga facing a lake landscape during summer

Let’s face it: we lead busy lives. It’s challenging to make lifestyle changes when we’re worried about a million other things.

But during the summer, we get to take some time for ourselves. No schedule to adhere to, no pressure. It makes for the perfect time to try out a vegan lifestyle.

Grocery shopping can become a fun little adventure instead of the usual drag. Same goes for cooking!

Need help in figuring out the first steps? Here’s how to grocery shop like a vegan pro.

3. Produce is plentiful

garden fresh red tomatoes and cucumbers on a table

Summertime’s the best time for fresh fruits and veggies! There’s nothing like the smell of basil from the garden. Or tomatoes. Or cucumbers…

Summer gardens grace us with an abundance of high quality local ingredients. Why not take advantage of it?

And you don’t need to have a green thumb. Farmer’s markets spring up all over the place once harvest season arrives.

4. Vegan events abound

crowd walking on boardwalk next to palm trees

Did you know that most vegan festivals happen during the summer?

Chances are there’s one (or more!) happening in your city soon! Check out this vegan festival directory to find out.

Not so lucky? Look up your local veg association. Many organize community potlucks or picnics throughout the summer months.

Vegan restaurants and ice cream parlors are worth exploring too. Check out our favorite 5 vegan ice cream spots to check out this summer and our top 5 vegan restaurants to check out this summer.

Do you plan on going vegan this summer? If so, let us know in the comments!

And if you’re still not sure if going vegan’s for you, consider that vegan diets could prevent one third of early deaths.

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