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By: Jane Harkness

Going out to eat as a vegan can be a challenge, but nowadays, more chefs are getting creative with plant based cuisine, and fully vegan restaurants are popping up in cities around the world. As the vegan movement grows, the demand for vegan options at restaurants will continue to go up, and we are already seeing the impact. Whether you happen to be a raw foodie or a fan of faux meats, check out one of these amazing vegan restaurants where you are guaranteed a cruelty-free meal every time.

 1. Elizabeth’s Gone Raw (Washington, D.C.)

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw is more than just a vegan restaurant—it is a true fine dining experience. Elizabeth’s is open for dinner every Friday evening, where diners are served a fixed seven course dining menu with optional wine pairings. As the name suggests, all of their dishes are raw, and some mouth-watering samples from recent menus include truffle purple potatoes, sous vide Indian eggplant, and charcoal blood oranges.


2. The Hogtown Vegan (Toronto, ON)

Do not let the gigantic pig logo fool you—at The Hogtown Vegan, pigs are friends, not food. Hogtown serves up veganized versions of classic pub food, so it is great for a casual night out. Their menu includes plenty of Canadian and American favorites, like poutine, “unchicken” and waffles, and Philly “cheesesteaks” made with thinly sliced seitan.

3. Vedge (Philadelphia, PA)

Vedge has been named one of Philadelphia’s best restaurants, vegan or otherwise! Their dinner menu is based around seasonal vegetables, so it changes throughout the year. Their reasonably priced apps and entrees also include raw options. Try the seared maitake mushrooms, ssamjans glazed tofu, or asparagus “carbonara.”


4. Homegrown Smoker (Portland, OR)

Who says that vegans have to live without barbecue? If you ever miss chowing down at backyard cookouts, you need to check out Homegrown Smoker. Their realistic takes on Southern barbecue can satisfy your cravings. Fill your plate with their signature Mac “No Cheese,” the big kahuna burger with a seitan patty, or Carolina “chikn” with mango sauce and chipotle slaw.

5. be love (Victoria, BC)

be love is perfect choice for the health conscious vegan. All of their dishes are completely vegan and free of wheat, gluten, and processed sugar. They also use locally sourced, organic ingredients whenever possible, and they offer a delicious weekend brunch menu! Menu highlights include a variety of tasty Buddha bowls with house-made dressings and vegan favorites like falafel and pad thai.

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw
The Hogtown Vegan
Homegrown Smoker
be love


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