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By: Jane Harkness

The sun is shining, the weather is heating up, and summer is finally here. If you are a vegan with some serious ice cream cravings, don’t despair: many ice cream parlors are getting creative with dairy-free desserts, and you should have no problem finding a vegan version of your favorite flavors. Here are the top 5 vegan ice cream spots to visit this summer–no dairy necessary!

  1. Kind Kreme (Echo Park and Pasadena, CA)

Kind Kreme is the ultimate ice cream parlor for the health-conscious vegan: their desserts are all raw and organic, and the staff whips up fresh batches in their kitchen on a daily basis. To concoct their delicious ice cream, they use ingredients like cashews, cacao, agave, almonds, vanilla, maca, coconut, and chia seeds. They offer gourmet flavors like ginger basil, maple pecan, and chocolate cherry nib.

  1. Sweet Ritual (Austin, TX)

The staff at Sweet Ritual uses locally sourced ingredients whenever possible to create their ice cream from scratch in-house. Plus, they serve their sundaes with compostable paper goods. Their 16 flavors are made with tasty bases like nut butters, coconut milk, and soy milk, and they also sell vegan ice cream cakes and brownies! Stop by Sweet Ritual to try funky flavors like cubano coffee, sunflower chocolate chip, and the colorful “unicorn poop.”

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  1. Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co. (New York City)

If you are looking for something fruity to cool down on a sweltering afternoon in the city, stop by Chloe’s Soft Serve in Union Square. Their soft serve is made with three simple ingredients: fruit, water, and organic cane sugar. They have classic flavors like banana, mango, and strawberry, as well as seasonal specialties. They also offer sundaes, smoothies, acai bowls, and fruit pops!

  1. Little Baby’s Ice Cream (Fishtown and West Philly, PA)

Little Baby’s is all about creative flavors made with sustainable ingredients and a touch of imagination. They are not entirely vegan, but they do have an extensive vegan menu with over 26 flavors available year-round in addition to seasonal favorites and limited-time specialties. Little Baby’s serves up unique flavors that you cannot find anywhere else, like chocolate chipotle, smoked cinnamon, and Thai peanut. If you want something even weirder, try their balsamic banana or cucumber dill!

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  1. Frankie and Jo’s (Capitol Hill and Ballard, WA)

Frankie and Jo’s wants to start “a new tradition of mindful ice cream.” When co-owner Autumn Martin developed a dairy allergy, she was inspired to create dairy-free options made with cashew nut and coconut milk bases. They also serve sorbet made with organic fruits and veggies, and you can get your scoops in a maple vanilla vegan cone! Their decadent flavors include brown sugar vanilla, tahini chocolate, and gingered golden milk.


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