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S’mores are the ultimate summer delicacy. Traditionally, they’re also decidedly non-vegan (gelatin filled marshmallows, anyone?). But they don’t have to be. In this post, we’re giving the most popular campfire treat a vegan makeover!

Here’s a list of our favorite marshmallows, chocolates, and crackers – so that you can build the perfect vegan s’more!

1. Dandies marshmallows

Everyone should be able to enjoy marshmallows, said the folks at Dandies – and we’re eternally grateful for that. Made with completely natural ingredients and nothing yucky or animal-based, Dandies marshmallows are the new generation treat – and they’re ideal for vegan s’mores!

2. Trader Joe’s vegan marshmallows

Due to popular demand (go us!), Trader Joe’s now has a vegan marshmallow option. So, now we can enjoy this squishy yumminess and be kind to animals at the same time! Enjoy Trader Joe’s fluffy vegan marshies over a campfire, in gooey vegan hot chocolate or crispy s’mores – completely guilt-free.

3. Moo Free chocolates

Made with rice milk, these chocolates taste as good as milk chocolate, so you’ll be buying your second batch before you finish your first! And they’re made only with the highest quality, organic and ethically-sourced ingredients!

4. Endangered Species Chocolate

Eat chocolate to save endangered species? Sign us up! Not only have ESC donated over $1.4 million to wildlife, but their chocolate is the first to be made from fully traceable, fair-trade cocoa from West Africa. So, go on and grab a couple of bars and help wildlife thrive.

5. Nabisco Original Grahams

You simply can’t build s’mores without graham crackers. And it turns out the go-to marshmallow and chocolate smoosher, Nabisco Original Grahams, is vegan!

6. Kinnikinnick S’moreable Graham Crackers

Their name offers the first clue to how good these graham-style crackers are. They truly are ideal for s’mores! To top things off, they’re also gluten-free.

And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous…

…try jazzing up your vegan s’mores with these unusual ingredient combos:

  • Cracker + Marshmallow + Chocolate + Strawberries!

  • Cracker + Marshmallow + Chocolate + Peanut butter!

Now that you’re set to make the perfect vegan s’more, check out our 3 tips for a cozy campfire.

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