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Vacationing isn’t as simple for a vegan as it is for a meat-eater, but don’t be discouraged! We’ve compiled the ultimate list of tips for your next vegan vacation, so that you can discover new corners of the world without sacrificing your plant-based lifestyle!

1. Know the key phrases  

ordering food in a cafe

No-one’s expecting you to become fluent in Japanese before your trip to Tokyo, but it is important to know at least a few particularly useful words and phrases. Knowing these will help you avoid awkward situations at local cafes and restaurants – and save you a ton of time!

The good news is that there’s a particularly easy way to communicate that you’re vegan – just download the app version of the Vegan Passport! It has all the key phrases and explanations you need to explain to someone you’re a vegan – in 78 languages!

2. Research the ingredients of local dishes happy woman on vegan vacation

There’s no better way to get to know a new culture than by trying the local cuisine! Before you take off, do some research and find out what the local dishes are – and what ingredients they contain. This way, you’ll know in advance what you should and shouldn’t be trying.

3. Call ahead  Packing for a vegan vacation

Notifying your hotel or hostel in advance will hopefully mean they’re able to accommodate your dietary preferences. If they aren’t able to, don’t be afraid to ask if you can store your breakfast items in the fridge. They’ll most likely want to make you happy (and get a positive review) – so it’s likely they’ll say yes.

4. Pack plenty of vegan snacks

a plate of snacks in a cafe

Avoid scaring away fellow passengers with a growling stomach by packing some delicious, vegan snacks. You never know when you might end up in a tiny local café that has nothing but meat, dairy, and eggs on the menu (yup, that happens). Go snack-shopping before your trip and make sure you at least have a snack bar in your pocket wherever you go.

5. Don’t forget vegan-friendly toiletries


Finding vegan-friendly shampoos and body washes can be a mission as it is – and you don’t want to waste your precious time Google translating ingredients while you’re on vacation! Make sure you pack vegan toiletries for your trip and maybe look up local health stores just in case you run out. If you’re heading to the beach on your summer vacay – remember to pack these 5 vegan-friendly beach bag must-haves!

Oh, and if you truly want to make a vegan statement everywhere you go, nothing does it better than our team herbivore tee!

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