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Summer is the perfect time to explore natural areas – but with so many people hopping into their RVs and heading to national parks, nature often suffers as a result.

So, this summer, let’s enjoy nature in the most planet-friendly way.

Not sure how? Read on to find out!

Let’s give nature a “big hug”

Beautiful nature

By making a few conscious changes, we can become kinder to our planet and make sure the time we spend in nature doesn’t harm the environment.

Here’s what you can do on your next trip to a natural park or a reserve:

  1. Choose planet-friendly transport. Driving hundreds of miles in your vehicle means high carbon emissions. Could you hop on a bus or a train instead? Maybe it would be more fun to go on an eco-friendly adventure, and cycle there over a few days?!
  2. Don’t use harsh chemicals. When camping in nature reserves, make sure any products you use (shower gels, shampoos, etc.) are nature-friendly. There are plenty of bio-degradable products out there and using them won’t pollute sensitive ecosystems.
  3. Limit your plastic use. If you’re planning on having a feast in a natural environment, swap plastic cups and plates for metal ones. Also, why not pick up your glass containers and hit the farmer’s market, so you can avoid single-use plastic bags?
  4. Don’t leave waste behind. That’s a given, but many people still leave biodegradable stuff like veggie peelings behind, thinking that it does not harm the environment. Everything you bring should be taken away: wild animals could end up munching on something that makes them sick.
  5. Don’t let your campfire become a wildfire. Everyone loves the sound of a crackling fire, but did you know that over the last two decades, humans sparked 84 percent of US wildfires? Shocking – but true. Remember to follow the rules of national parks – and choose an open location (away from bushes, dry grass, overhanging branches). NEVER leave the fire unattended – and make sure that it is completely our at least half an hour before leaving the campsite.
  6. Do something a little extra… While you’re there, why not spend five minutes cleaning up the area? If you see any rubbish lying around – even if it isn’t yours – why not pick it up and do something good for the environment? You’ll feel wonderful afterward – and your trip will have had a positive impact on nature!


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