Here are 11 happy animal news stories that will make you smile
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Yay for happy news! Because don’t we all need more uplifting stories in our lives?

From Cambodia to California, there is so much to celebrate if we look in the right places. Here are some of the most inspiring, cruelty-free stories we’ve seen this year (so far). 

Can’t wait to see what other happy news comes from the rest of 2019!

11 happy animal news stories

Cruelty-free circus? Germany is making it happen with holograms instead of real animals. 

A circus in Germany is replacing real animals with 3D holograms. We’re talking performing elephants, galloping horses, and huge goldfish — all thanks to technology with none of the animal cruelty

India ruling grants legal “personhood” to all animals. 

A ruling in India granted “legal person or entity” status to all animals. According to The Better India, Justice Rajiv Sharma, in his order, said, “All the animals have honour and dignity… They are entitled to justice. The animals cannot be treated as objects or property.” If we could hug him we would! (India’s national Supreme Court still needs to ratify the judgment.)

Cambodia says “no more” to elephant rides in Angkor Wat.  

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Today is Thai Elephant Day! … Elephants are some of the world’s most intriguing creatures. These massive mammals have deep emotional lives, complex languages, vast intellectual capacities, and rich social interactions. Elephants have captivated the human mind since ancient times and have become a meaningful symbol of culture throughout much of Asia and Africa. … Tragically, human infatuation with elephants has led to many cruel attractions taking advantage of unsuspecting tourists. Even though the elephants’ rounded spine and back are permanently damaged by riding, riding elephants has become a popular tourist attraction throughout the world- particularly in Thailand. Elephant calves are ripped from their mothers and subjected to extremely violent training methods in order to submit to trainers who force them to perform in circuses and painfully endure carrying riders. This is not only a problem in Thailand, but occurs in circus attractions in the western world as well. … Luckily, people are beginning to catch on to the fact that there is nothing “trendy” or “cute” about riding elephants. Eco-tourism destinations such as @elephantnaturepark provide opportunity to tourists to view rescued elephants without forced interaction, performance or riding. Safaris and wildlife viewing programs allow tourists to observe elephants in their natural habitat without interfering or intruding. … Please be a responsible tourist no matter where you go and refuse to contribute to abuse. Loving elephants means not riding them 🐘💕

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We’ve all cringed at the Instagram pics of smiling people riding on the back of elephants. Well, get ready to start seeing less of them — at least in Angkor Wat, a tourist hotspot in Cambodia. 

Starting in 2020 elephants will no longer be forced to transport tourists around town in the name of eco-tourism. This means more foot exploration and less animal exploitation (we can put our hands together for that). 

Canada bans whale, dolphin, and porpoise captivity.  

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HUGE NEWS!!!!!! TODAY, Bill S-203 passed!! Canada bans the captivity and breeding of whales and dolphins. The bill, which was introduced in 2015, faced many hurdles and setbacks throughout its lifespan. The opposition used tactics to try to stall the bill on multiple occasions, but YOUR quick action ensured that the bill passed through every stage. We’d like to send a big thank you to Elizabeth May and Nathan Cullen along with retired Senator Wilfred Moore for introducing the bill, Senator Murray Sinclair for sponsoring the bill, the Fisheries and Oceans Committee, our member humane societies and SPCAs for helping us spread the word when we needed to take action, and YOU for speaking up when whales and dolphins needed you the most. #BillS203 #cdnPoli

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In Canada, aquariums and theme parks can no longer keep whales, porpoises, and dolphins in captivity for entertainment. 

Anyone out there sad to see the dolphin attractions go? Just watch Blackfish and you’ll change your mind. 

New York may be the first state ever to ban cat declawing.

Declawing is exactly what is sounds like: surgically removing a cat’s claw, so the cat won’t scratch anymore. The Humane Society describes the procedure as an “amputation of the last bone of each toe.” Ow! 

New York lawmakers passed a bill that would make cat declawing illegal. All it needs now is the sign-off from the governor to become the first state ever to ban the practice and please a ton of east coast kitties. 

A dog meat market will be transformed into a park in South Korea. 

happy animals news banning dog meat

Gupo Market in Busan is of the largest dog meat markets in South Korea. And it’s shutting down! Calling this a victory is an understatement. 

As if that wasn’t enough good news to celebrate, the space will also be turned into a public park as a part of an urban planning project. Heart is officially full! 

Los Angeles fights to make fashion fur-free. 

Faux fur, get ready for your spotlight! An ordinance is making it illegal to sell fur fashion items (clothes, bags, jewelry) within LA city limits — starting in 2021. While the mayor still needs to sign off and another vote is pending, we’re hopeful it’s just a matter of time before LA shopping is fur-free. 

The LA Times also reported that Berkeley and San Francisco have already passed similar bans, but if the ban becomes official, Los Angeles would be the biggest city to prohibit the sale of animal fur. Fingers crossed! 

Proctor & Gamble supports the ban on cosmetic animal testing. 

Proctor and Gamble joined the Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign! The goal is to ban animal testing for cosmetics in major global beauty markets by 2023. This is a huge deal because P&G brands include everything from hair care (Pantene and Herbal Essences) to skin care (Olay and Secret), among so many other brands. 

In another win for animals everywhere, Estée Lauder also joined the cruelty- free beauty campaign

A rare giant pangolin is fitted with a tracker for the first time. 

Pangolins, the world’s most trafficked animal, are some of the most elusive creatures of the animal kingdom. But thanks to the conservation team at the Chester Zoo, a rare giant pangolin in Uganda was fitted with a tracking device for the first time. 

The hope is that the more we learn about pangolins, the better we can help protect the scaly, quirky mammals. 

Anonymous $2 million donation helps chimpanzees. 

Someone out there loves the chimpanzees! Chimp Haven, a chimpanzee sanctuary in Louisiana, kicked off the year 2019 on a high note after receiving an anonymous multi-million dollar donation. The gift will give homes to about 200 chimps rescued from research facilities. We think Jane Goodall would be proud. 

Prada Group goes fur-free for good.

Starting in 2020, Prada Group will stop using fur in both products and design (it’s about time!). This new policy applies to Prada, Miu Miu, and Church’s and Car shoe brands. 

Prada is in good company with other fashion labels that have already banned fur like Gap, Michael Kors, and H&M. 

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