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If eating a plant-based burger, sipping on a green smoothie, and walking through a farmers market sounds like your kind of happy day — Los Angeles is a must-visit city. From a coffee shop with rescued kittens to a vegan restaurant that donates profit to animal organizations, Los Angeles embraces plant-based eaters and all things veganism.

Here’s a guide to the best of the best vegan eats, drinks, sweets, and adventures in Los Angeles (hint: come hungry!).

The complete Los Angeles vegan vacation guide

Best Coffee Brews

Crumbs and Whiskers

Play with kitties as you get a coffee boost at Crumbs and Whiskers on Melrose Ave. All of the cats and kittens are rescued from high kill shelters, and available for adoption. So, your snugs and coffee fix will be put to good use!

Alfred Coffee

Alfred Coffee is one of the most photographed spots in Los Angeles, no question. The decorated cups are practically an accessory, but the drinks themselves are delicious (whether you take a selfie with your latte or not). Try the Chaga-ccino, which is made with nitro cold brew, a splash of almond and cashew milk, chaga, and spices (so much vegan-friendly goodness). They also serve vegan bottled juices and food options if you need something extra with your caffeine.  Alfred shops are sprinkled throughout LA, but we’re partial to the one on Melrose Place.

Kindness & Mischief

With a name like Kindness & Mischief, it’s hard not to love this cafe in Highland Park. But the real reason this spot  is one of the most vegan-friendly coffee shops is they don’t charge for almond, soy, or oat milk! So, order your latte or cappuccino without feeling punished for drinking dairy-free.

Smoothie Sips

SunLife Organics

“Love, heal and inspire” is the mission behind SunLife Organics. Does it get any better than that? This bright and airy smoothie shop is the ideal way to begin any day of exploration in Los Angeles. And luckily, SunLife has locations everywhere from Pasadena to Century City, so you can get your smoothie fix without driving out of your way.

The creamy, dreamy smoothies range from matcha mixes like Matcha Goddess to banana blends like the Black Gold Shake. If you’re craving something spoonable, the acai bowls are heavenly and can be topped with all sorts of healthy ingredients like chia seeds and raw almond butter.

Kreation Organic Juicery

Whether you’re craving a bottled cold pressed juice or a hearty protein smoothie, Kreation has something for everyone. Like SunLife, Kreation has locations sprinkled throughout LA (Studio City, Marina Del Rey, Brentwood, Venice, the list goes on and on). Keep an eye out for the Greentastic Smoothie loaded with avocado, banana, and almond milk or the Tranquility Smoothie made with turmeric and coconut meat.

Casual Midday Eateries

Monty’s Good Burger

Forget In-N-Out Burger, say hello to Monty’s Good Burger in Koreatown. The Impossible patties are next level when paired with vegan cheese and veggies on a potato bun. And like any good burger joint, shakes and fries are also on the menu (all vegan, of course). Monty’s also gets extra points in our book for using paper straws and compostable packaging.


Eating at SunCafe in Studio City feels like sitting in a friend’s backyard who happens to make really incredible vegan food. The twinkly-lit patio, comfy chairs, and comfort food come together for the loveliest of dining experiences. Everything served is 100 percent vegan, but the true star on the menu is the Super Sun Nachos dish. And save room for dessert, the almond butter cheesecake is worth it.

Fancy-ish Dinner Restaurants

Gracias Madre

Serving nothing but plant-based eats like jackfruit carnitas tacos, enchiladas verde, and black bean bowls, Gracias Madre in West Hollywood makes fresh and delicious Mexican food with a veggie-friendly twist. The vibe is absolutely stellar with a gorgeous patio complete with cozy cushion booths and twinkle-lights that radiate breezy SoCal vibes. And if you’re feeling munchy mid-day, check out the happy hour every weekday from 3-6pm for $8 bites and $7 drinks.


Plant, Food + Wine (Venice)

Garden patio dreams come to life at Plant Food + Wine in Venice. And your food will be just as pretty as the setting. The entire menu is plant-based from the zucchini lasagna to the coconut cream pie. Though, it’s not cheap, so this is definitely a treat yo-self kind of spot.


Studio City Farmers Market (Studio City)

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There are tons of farmers markets in Los Angeles, you really can’t go wrong. But the Studio City Farmers Market is just a notch above the rest. The picturesque produce is total eye-candy and the happy Sunday vibes are soul-filling. And look out for The Good Cookies stand, which serves vegan and gluten-free baked goods, and Blode Kuh for heavenly plant-based cheeses and spreads.

Erewhon Grocery Store

Erewhon is like a vegan’s Disneyland. From the colorful produce, to the veggie sushi, to the vegan beauty products, Erewhon is full of plant-based, beautiful goodness.

If you really want to go all out, try the Green Goddess Ice Cream made with spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, maca, hemp seeds, almond butter, and cinnamon (drool).

Sweet Treats

Cocabella Creamery

If you find yourself in need of a pick-me-up in Hollywood, go to Cocobella Creamery. This all-vegan ice cream shop whips up its base from coconut, cane sugar, and vanilla. And they add vegan treats to create imaginative flavors like unicorn magic (pink vanilla with marshmallows, GF animal crackers, and sprinkles).

Van Leeuwen

Once an ice cream truck in Brooklyn, now Van Leeuwen is a vegan favorite on the west coast serving up vegan deliciousness in Hollywood, Culver City, and Downtown. The parlor serves all kinds of vegan flavors from mint chip, to cookie crumble strawberry jam. There’s even vegan coconut whip (yes, please!).  


Sale Ranch Sanctuary

If you’re willing to get out of the city, travel to the Sale Ranch Sanctuary in Temecula (about 2 and a half hours from LA depending upon the traffic) for the ultimate animal-loving experience. You’ll see rescued animals like cows, pigs, turkeys, and other farm animals (all the cuddle feels).

Hike Time

Connecting with Mother Earth through a hike is an amazing way to spend a day in the LA sunshine. Rogers State Park has tons of trails, and Griffith Park will get you views of the Hollywood sign. Looking for water backdrops while you break a sweat? The Sara Wan Trail in Corral Canyon and Point Dume in Malibu will not disappoint.


Yoga studios are spread throughout nearly every block in Los Angeles. If you’re near Venice, Love Yoga and Studio Surya are welcoming studios for visitors. Staying in Hollywood? Set and Flow and Wanderlust are yogi favorites. Or play it safe and go to one of the many YogaWorks studios to be sure you’ll get a quality flow.


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