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In High Falls, NY, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is working hard every day to save farmed animals. By providing animals with care and sanctuary, promoting their rights, and advocating for veganism, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary’s dedication to animal welfare is inspiring.

As a non-profit, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary needs support in order to keep saving animals. That’s why Wholesome Culture is proud to be one of their donors! Our donation helped to provide medical care, food supplies, and shelter to their 380 rescue animals. We were also able to get special help for Oreo the goat!

Oreo had surgery to install an emergency valve to release air trapped in her stomach as a result of a tumour. Our donation helped pay for a custom 3D printed permanent valve. This cutting-edge procedure gives Oreo the chance at an extended life with her closest goat companion, Estella, whom she was rescued with.

Farming animal abuse

Oreo’s story is just one of many inspiring examples of Woodstock’s work to rescue farm animals. We spoke to Rachel McCrystal, Woodstock’s Executive Director to learn more about why farm animals need our help. 

We’re told that we need meat and dairy 

Have you ever considered just how much marketing corporations use to put positive spins on the dairy, egg, and meat industries? Rachel lists this as one of the biggest threats to animal rights.

“There are billions of dollars in lobbyists and corporations that are working to stop the progress of animal rights,” Rachel says. “We all have been the audience of marketing campaigns that teach us that cows need to be milked, that meat is necessary for health, and that the abuse and exploitation of animals is normal and natural. When you start to learn more and speak up for animals, you are fighting against big corporations and the very norms of our society.”

farming animal rights

But farm animals are our friends too 

Often “pets” are considered separate from farmed animals – but in reality, they’re one and the same.

“The only thing that makes them ‘farmed animals’ is the fact that we farm them,” says Rachel. “In another culture, your dog may be a ‘farmed animal.’ It’s purely a construct to make us see them as objects.”

Rachel adds that all animals are “individuals with families, likes and dislikes, and want to live and be free. Just like all of us.”


Humane farming


Want to fight for animal rights?

Here’s how to make a difference:


While Woodstock Farm Sanctuary deals with the consequences of farming every day, they never waiver from their dedication to saving animals and educating others about animal rights. We can’t thank you enough for your incredible rescue efforts, Woodstock!

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