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“Our sole mission is to help every animal we possibly can.”

This is the mission statement of Rancho Relaxo, a non-profit animal rescue organization and sanctuary based in New Jersey. Rancho Relaxo rescues 100-300 abused, sick, and abandoned animals every year, providing medicine, physical therapy, food, shelter and a whole lot of love to their adorable animals.

Rancho Relaxo is deeply committed to giving a voice to animals, which is something we wholeheartedly believe in as well. We spoke with Caitlin Cimini, Rancho Relaxo’s President and Founder, to listen to these animals’ stories and learn how we all can do more to help their cause.

Running a rescue is the commitment of a lifetime

For many plant-based people, starting an animal rescue sounds like the ultimate dream. In reality, caring for such a diverse array of animals 24/7 while also keeping the rescue afloat is really, really hard.

“It’s worth it to see the animals come from literally debilitating situations to thriving here – it’s a beautiful life that I’m leading, but it’s a hard life,” Caitlin says.

With so many sick animals in her care, the heartbreak is constant.

“It takes a toll because when you feel accomplished, the next day something else happens,” she reflects. “With barn sanctuaries, it’s an endless cycle of beauty and pain.”

Caitlin doesn’t take a salary from the ranch, so she also works a full-time job. Needless to say, vacations aren’t an option anymore.

“It’s the biggest commitment that I’ve personally ever encountered.”

We can all be better animal advocates

Want to help animals in need without starting a rescue of your own? Start with social media. Try following a few animal rescues and sharing their content with your own followers.

“Just by sharing that one post, you might get one person who now donates to that sanctuary,” Caitlin explains.

Of course, you can always donate – even if you don’t have much to give, every dollar truly helps. You can also consider donating your services, like graphic design or social media management.

Finally, Caitlin recommends making the gradual switch towards a plant-based lifestyle. It doesn’t have to happen overnight, but cutting animal products from your day-to-day will undoubtedly save many lives in the long run.

How Wholesome Culture supports Rancho Relaxo’s rescue efforts

Wholesome Culture is proud to be one of Rancho Relaxo’s donors. The ranch uses donations to cover the expenses of daily operations, as well as the development of their newly-expanded property – they’re building a barn for their pigs!

We are so thrilled to support Rancho Relaxo’s animal rescue efforts! If you’d like to help the ranch too, you can make a donation or register as a volunteer.


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