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Consider yourself an animal lover? Then you’ll definitely want to read on.

Here are the major issues animals face right now – and ways you can help.

Exploitation for food, and other industries.

a sheep looking directly at the camera

Billions of animals are exploited for food, fashion, beauty – and other industries. It is estimated that 9 billion land animals are killed in the US each year for food, dairy, and eggs, while about 1 billion rabbits and 50 million other animals are raised on fur farms, or killed in the wild for fur.

Animal testing.

beige rabbit sat on grass

According to Humane Society International, a staggering 115 million animals are used in lab experiments around the world each year – and around 100 million are killed.


elephant family

Dozens of species are going extinct every day because of human activity (agriculture, deforestation, and hunting).

Life on the streets and in shelters.

three puppies on the street

Every year, more than 6 million unwanted, abandoned or lost cats and dogs enter animal shelters in the USA.

But don’t lose all hope – because you CAN help!

happy fox in a forest

Here’s what you can do to help animals right away:

  • Lead a vegan lifestyle. Leading a vegan lifestyle is a sure way to show love and kindness to all animals. Refusing to use any animal-derived products break the supply and demand cycle – and shows compassion for all living creatures.
  • Say “no” to animal testing. Make sure that the products you buy and use are cruelty-free and haven’t been tested on animals. Check out PETA’s searchable database of cruelty-free companies!
  • Donate. Many animal charities need your help – and giving even a little bit of cash will make a difference. Can’t donate money? Donate time instead! Charities are always looking for volunteers – and you’ll get to hang out with animals!
  • Adopt a pet. With millions of dogs, cats, and other animals in shelters across the USA, give one of these furry friends a loving home! Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility, so make sure you’re committed to it.

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Or – donate to animal rescue organizations with our “To all the animals I haven’t yet adopted – I’m comin’ for y’all” tee!

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