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While we could never pick just one favorite animal – honestly, we adore them all – penguins rank pretty high on the list. They’re a lovable, diverse species, and they live incredible lives!

Here are a few facts that prove just how amazing these beautiful animals are.

1. Penguins can’t fly – but they sure can swim

Sure, penguins look adorable when they’re waddling around on land – but did you know that they can swim up to 15 miles per hour?

2. They’re uniquely adept at being underwater

Penquins can also dive over 800 feet deep and have even evolved to sneeze out salt from ocean water!

3. These birds make bonds for life

Some penguin breeds – rockhoppers, chinstraps, Adelies, and gentoos – are all about monogamy, and can even track down old mates within minutes of arriving at their colonies!

4. The family that stays together, plays together, too

Waddles of penguins – yes, waddles – huddle for warmth and even go on belly tobogganing excursions together. Honestly, could they get any cuter?

Sadly, climate change is putting penguins in danger

Unfortunately, these birds are in trouble – but there are actions you can take to help them out. Keep reading to find out about the challenges they face in today’s climate.

Warmer waters pose a threat to all penguins, but its effect on king penguins is extra scary.

Climate change could put “70 percent of the 1.6 million estimated breeding pairs at risk,” says The New York Times. This is because the king penguins are swimming further and further away from their nests to find food – and their helpless offspring go hungry in the meantime.

For Adelie and emperor penguins in Antarctica, climate change is destroying their homeland – after all, they live on ice. A study by the World Wildlife Fund says that “50% of the emperor penguins and 75% of the Adelie penguins will likely decline or disappear if global average temperatures rise above pre-industrial levels by just two degrees celsius.” That could be a reality within decades.

Overfishing is also a major issue

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As overfishing depletes global fish supplies, penguins have to compete even harder for food. Plus, fishing equipment like nets can cause serious harm and injury to the poor penguins who get stuck in them!

Luckily, there are many ways to save penguins

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What can you do right now to help out our penguin friends? Here are a few simple but effective ideas:

Climate change is devastating for all of us, but there’s still time to help save our planet and the incredible animals who depend on it.


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