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In a previous post on our blog, we spoke with Caitlin Cimini, President and Founder of Rancho Relaxo, an animal rescue sanctuary based in New Jersey. Caitlin gave us all the details about the ups and downs of animal sanctuary life, and what we all can do to support their animal rescue efforts.

This time, we’re getting Caitlin’s take on another issue Rancho Relaxo deals with way too often: horse slaughter. Here are the heartbreaking facts, and what you can do to help.

Horse slaughter is much more common than we think

Horse slaughter exports

Rancho Relaxo began when Caitlin rescued a slaughter-bound horse. But why would anyone slaughter a horse in the first place?

“It’s like this dark secret,” explains Caitlin. “Backyard breeders,” or unreputable breeders, contribute to overpopulation by breeding untrained, unsellable colts.

All too often, these breeders choose to cut their losses by transporting the innocent animals to Canada or Mexico for slaughter. Horse slaughter is currently banned in the United States, but exporting them to other countries for slaughter is not.

Horses who “fail” to perform well in the racing industry are also sent for slaughter. Even ranch horses and camp horses are brought to this brutal end once they’re no longer “useful.”

People profit off of killing horses

horse slaughter issues

The most twisted part of all? Slaughtering facilities actually pay people for their horses.

Horse meat is used in dog and cat food, it’s sent overseas as a “delicacy,” and has even been mixed into beef products. This meat is riddled with phenylbutazone (bute), an anti-inflammatory for horses that can cause cancer in humans and might make dogs and cat sick, too.

How to put an end to horse slaughter

Horse slaughter bill

Want to stop the export of horses to Canada and Mexico? Support the Safeguard American Food Exports Act!

If you’re in Canada, the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition has some great information and resources on how to shut down slaughterhouses and stop the export of horses for slaughter overseas. And make sure to reach out to your Member of Parliament to have your voice heard!

No matter where you’re from, social media is an incredible tool for spreading the word – after all, many people still don’t realize that horses are even at risk.


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